Rolling Fantasy Football thread


is it just one wildcard this season?


Week 1



Imagine any of these sides irl, gee whizz.




Walcott to get the winner. Trust me.


Binning Bellerin and loading the Casette looking #justified.


Had a funny feeling Vardy would do well tonight. VINDICATED.


Vokes on my bench. If Christian atsu could get trapped in a lift for 24 hours, that would be great. For me, anyway.


Can we start again?


You villains, knew Mkhitaryan was a good shout. Probably swap Zaha to him this week.


Angrily swapped in Sam vokes for Ian nacho


Sick of this game


Yeah that wasn’t pretty.


Squad roughly split between smart choices and bad ones, which is better than the 30/70 ratio I usually manage. Stupid of me to pick Sterling over Silva on reflection. But there’s nothing you can do about shit like Mourinho picking Phil fucking Jones over Lindelof, which is why the wildcard goes in the first few weeks.

Stage 1 of the rebuild will be kicking out Kun Ock Art for Mooy.


incredible work from whoever it is in the DiS league who managed a 16 point haul this week, aided by a fully arsenal/chelsea back 5


Boothy in first place is pretty heartwarming.


My non-disser m9 has sneaked into the league somehow and is currently sitting in one of the top spots on the table. Fucks sake.


joint second :sunglasses: retiring from the game now, will never get better than that