Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Captain Jesus benched for city’s boot-filling session. Chuck it all in the bin


triple captained aguero for a smooth taste.


Captained Kane. Got Hernandez and Eriksen. First thing that’s gone my way this season


transferred out hernandez for jesus. fuck pep guardiola, fuck him right in his stupid face


Still holding on to the hope that City will bring him on a the floodgates open in the last 20 minutes or so


Kane captained, Morata in there somewhere too, looking ok for the first time this season (it’s already permafucked)


aye, a solskjaer vs forest type performance would be lovely stuff. am a big enough man to issue pep a full and frank apology if that happens


Let’s see… .

Firmino - subbed
Mahrez - subbed
Alonso- yellow carded, subbed
Jesus © - not started
De bruyne- decided not to bother with any goals/assists today
Mkhitaryn - ditto

Wildcard… already played.

See you all in 18/19!


Five points separate the top five in the DiS league :open_mouth:

I’m one of them :sunglasses:


Bringing in Sterling and making him captain was an inspired choice.

Might apply for the Palace job when it’s next available.


42 points from Kane and Davies alone. Only downhill from here.


“Knock - 50% chance of playing”


Scores 6 points

Fuck off FPL


Thank god the international break is over so we can finally get back to what really matters.

Here’s how I’m shaping up for the weekend, I’m tempted to play Elliot over Pickford, and really hoping for a Man Utd Liverpool goalfest.






Kane hattrick please. Sitting just inside the top 100,000, normally at this stage I’m around the 500,000 mark :smiley:


No captaining Kane at home again, then…


Captaining Jesus while Lukaku and Kane (hopefully) fire blanks should finally jump me up a few spots


Yeah that hasn’t gone well for me either.

Sterling, Silva, Eriksen, Valencia all doing ok though.

Got 12 points on my bench coming in IF my shit Newcastle defender doesn’t play.


Really glad I took a hit for Sterling, may do Mikh to Silva too.

Devastated about Cesar but happy Palace beat Chelsea.


Shit season stumbles on, Sterling & Sane saving grace.


Binned off the rest of my team to get a Jesus morata lukaku front 3 with de bruyne behind