Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Deadline is in two hours!

Just swapped Mkhi for Silva as I hear Henrik hasn’t travelled with the squad to Huddersfield.


Haven’t made a transfer this week, gonna do two and a -4 next week, wee mini wildcard for myself as a treat.


Benching Lukaku and Mkhitaryan this week.


Worse week I’ve ever had I think?

12 points, -4, with Captain played and only 3 to play.


How does this wildcard look?

Would be playing 4 4 2 or 3 5 2

Should I downgrade Lukaku to Jesus to spend more elsewhere?


Mooy and Mawson on my bench this week. Great stuff


40 points so far which im happy with.

Binned off Hernandez for.Abraham

Gonna bin Mkhitaryan off too


Elliot and Gross on my bench.

Thank you, Otamendi!


My best week for about a season and a half. Captained Sterling, but Lukaku as vice and Batshuayi as 1st sub. Will have 74 points when subs made, and Kane to play.


Literally don’t know how those scores are possible this week?!

Foster let a goal in in the 86th minute so I’m at 9 points, after my -4, with 2 to play…



Two players to come in from bench, and Lukaku to get extra 5 as captain. I can’t believe it either. I’m top 1000 this week, gone up a million places!


Congrats! Might finally wildcard this week. Got 5 players barely even coming on at the moment…


90 points. Woah.


On my wildcard, want to pick one forward and one midfielder from these options.

  • Jesus
  • Morata

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  • Sterling
  • Silva
  • Sane
  • Salah

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Can afford every combination.


With Napoli away on next week, I think there’s quite a chance Jesus won’t start.


Aguero played 120 minutes mid week, who do you think will be up front?


Salah’s pretty much nailed on to play every game when fit whereas Sane and Sterling will rotate


Aguero most probably. The only thing that makes me doubt that is the CL results so far mean a victory against Arsenal next weekend is probably more important than beating Napoli, so maybe Jesus will start in the Premier League. Earlier in the season Jesus was saved for the CL games.


Totally stuck. What do I do?



I went Kane out for Lacazette, then sub back in when fit. Don’t really like Lacazette but tricky to look past him for a one week option

Got Silva and Sterling in midfield and can’t trust Pep with three City players.