Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Gone all in on my advice above so Jesus will definitely start now.


Gone for this. Lacazette, Kane back next week.


I have a Wildcard left and there’s an international break looming week after next, so I swapped Kane and Brunt for Sanchez and Diouf. Captained Sanchez as I have about 100 points to make up in most of my leagues.


was very tempted by my wildcard, but keeping them + that weird one-week wilcard thing, for when there’s double gameweeks. Assuming i’ve got anything to play for when they come around…


You have to use one wildcard before Christmas and one after I think.


Another vote for 1 week Kane swap. Went for… Fermino


I had no Kane-related problems this week, as I didn’t have him in my team in the first place.


Taking a hit and massively overhauled the squad. Not even gonna check what happens :sweat_smile:


Prick Pep.


Brought in Aguero at a 4 point cost to replace Kane. Put him as captain. Isn’t playing :heavy_check_mark:
Brought in Sterling because he was smashing it a couple of weeks ago, hasn’t played since :heavy_check_mark:

Fucking hate the smarmy cunt. Ooh look at all my team changes and tactics.


In all seriousness, City players are terribly unreliable on FF as a result, despite the team routinely spanking teams red and raw.




Looking forward to them both coming on for 5 minutes at the end to get a single point each


Silva. Same cost as Sterling, considerably cheaper than de Bruyne, always plays if available.


Yeah think I didn’t have quite enough bunse to afford him when I bought Sterling. Definitely fucked it though (although last week Surman came off the bench for me and got 9 points, so I was quids in)


Sterling is quite potent off the bench though. I’m hoping those two will come on fairly early in the second half for Jesus and de Bruyne.


Sterling’s got one then


Triple-captaining Kane proves to be a complete kiss of death as usual. Subbing Salah in for Alli was a bit of a coup though…


I transferred in Kane © and Shindler for -4. So far, with 8 players down and that deduction taken into account, I have 5 points.


Thought I captained Salah. Captained Alli…


I played free hit today, as my team was in a mess after the break. Presumably, you get 2 free subs the next week too, as you don’t use that week’s transfer.

Still haven’t decided whether to captain Kane or Lukaku…


Just realised Maguire is playing City, so I’m taking him out