Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Only one transfer next week


Kane or Lukaku captain? Argghhhh


Not a “free” hit is it then, the bastards!


Lukaku, Jones and Foster OUT, Morata, Smalling and Pope IN. Looking forward to Mourinho deciding he fucking loves Lindelof now.


Kane captain. I dun goofed AGAIN. Took it off Salah 5 minutes before the deadline.


Just had a look back at my captains…

GW8 Kane (4 pts)
GW9 Lukaku (10 pts)
GW10 Salah (8 pts)
GW11 Kane (4 pts)
GW12 Kane (2 pts probs)

What a shower


Fucking Harry Kane cunt mother fucker


Switched Kane to Salah for captaincy. Mmm.

Just went to have a look at all those lovely points, it hasn’t registered. Kane is still my captain. The sheer IRKAGE.


Played my Wildcard and that’s gone great… Also, Kane ©. Dick…

Niasse is proving handy mind.


pleased with my wildcard decisions

season starts here


You played a blinder! Congrats.


Ooft! I captained Salah, after tomorrow’s games I should be in the 70’s for the second week in a row, which is a big improvement. I completely fudged my wild card right at the start of the season and I’ve been scrambling ever since.

Stupid question… have any of you seen the fantasy MLS game? Unlimited transfers every week! It’s so, so daft. If you miss the weekly transfer window (they can be a matter of hours long, midweek) then you can end up losing 150 points. There were 10 people in my league, after about a month half had given up because they’d managed to miss a couple of windows and were 300 points off the pace.


Where’s the smart money going on Kane vs Lukaku (vs Salah?) for captain then?

Here’s my team btw. Bit shit in defence but I had Bailly and Jones and both are injured


Didn’t realise there was a shitty game on tonight nor that two of my players got suspensions midweek in Europe. Another in the long line of fantasy disasters this term…


I don’t have Salah or Lukaku so probably Salah.


Friday night football is the worst thing that’s ever happened to fantasy football. Love a mild hangover, cup of tea with, tunes on and mulling over fantasy football on a Saturday morning


I had to sort my team will slightly stoned and eating dinner with my missus in amsterdam. fuck friday football


I played my bench boost this week.

I’ve jumped to 4th in the DiS League.


I’d be top if I hadn’t removed captaincy from Salah and put in on Kane 2 minutes before kick-off last week D: Ifs and buts and that.

I’ve had my 5th straight red arrow this week but have somehow only slipped from 62,000th to 78,000th in that time. Really good season for me so far, I’m normally shit until after xmas and then I make up ground- being in the top 100,000 at this stage is unheard of.

Is everyone keeping Lukaku and Jesus/Aguero? I’m sick of them. One out for Morata this week I reckon, and another out for a cheapie next time.


I’ve had the most successful wildcard in five years of playing the game, really chuffed. I’ve really leaped up the rankings and haven’t done a transfer in four weeks:


However now it’s time for some tinkering. Gonna do Jesus > Morata, and also looking to replace Eriksen. I have 9.5 in the bank to replace him with, who should I go for?

  • Sane
  • Sterling
  • Coutinho

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Other mids are Salah, Zaha, Richarlison, Gross, willing to hear other suggestions