Rolling Fantasy Football thread


:rotating_light: MIDWEEK GW ALARM :rotating_light:


I’ve had an abysmal week. My side is full of underperforming big-names, like Lukaku, Eriksen, David Luiz. Will need to do the wildcard. sad.


Who else is in your midfield? I guess Salah is, so probably not Coutinho.

Sane would be my pick, but I’m currently deciding if I should scrap all attacking City players. The rotation is killing me.


have binned off Lukaku so fully expecting him to bang in a load over the next few games


Same here. I’ve brought Kane back in, so Apologies in advance. Last week I brought Salah in for Sterling, same applies there I imagine.


finally feel like all my hits are paying off and I am happy with my team. Front page of the DiS league.

A bit sad to get rid of Aguero but never sure if he is going to play and too expensive to not be able to captain him.


Salah and sterling together and captain for either of them is what’s pinged me up the leagues

They’re both playing at the front but get more pints per goal than forwards do, anyone who hasn’t got them is losing out big time

Hehe @ genuinely needed edit


45 minutes to go, currently sat on 21 points.

A fucking DISASTER.


Im on 9…


Ooof… who do you have? I imagine a lot will have Salah, Sane, Hazard…

Otamendi goal is lovely, but my two rivals have him too. Pah.


Oh didnt realise I had Otamendi, lovely! Dropping of Azpili, Ben Davies and Rob Elliot and Alli havinf stinkers has done me


Eh, might be an own goal actually. Fucks sake.


I’m on 21 too. I moved up to third in the DiS league yesterday. But I’m having a disaster today.


Burnley clean sheet gone… have Mee and Ward.



And of course the first week I don’t play Moreno is the week they decide to keep a clean sheet…

Salah © saved my week.


spent 4 points on a second transfer of azpiliqueta (fuck off spelling) and made him captain

luckily sterling was my vice captain so he’ll get double points instead right?


Happy with 63 but had 22 on my sodding bench.couldve had 79 if I’d played it right


Think that only happens if tbe captain is injured, not just if he doesnt play


Nah it’s if the captain doesn’t play. Had a switch for Jesus before when he was rested


Fucks sake