Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Hate captain double points so much


(Thats what i call jook)


((Only joking))




Down from 80,000 to 130,000. No idea how to fix it. This honestly makes me upset. I know it’s entirely irrational and silly, but it does.


Bad week from me not helped by captain hazard only playing 9 mins.
Hazard, Salah, Silva and Elliot all not starting messed me up a bit.
The first 3 should all be back for the weekend. A rested Hazard against Newcastle can hopefully bring in some points.


Draft team did great though. Made up 30 odd points to take top by a point.


Would it be a bad idea to have Azpi and Christensen? Have 1.1 to upgrade Simpson and not finding a lot of talent in that price range.


Going all out with Chelsea defenders and Man City forwards this week, deploying the Free Hit to do so.

Chelsea 1-1 Newcastle
City 0-0 West Ham


Got rid of all my Manchester players for the week with the free hit, put the mortgage on a Kane-heavy spuds win, West Ham falling apart at home against a big team as per, and Roy’s brave, brave boys removing some wigs


might also get a west brom defender involved, anyone vs. Swansea seems sensible atm, especially before Pards starts shagging players’ wives


is a free hit where you can make unlimited changes (within the budget) then after the gameweek your squad restores to what it was before?




ah cheers. find the FF site isnt always that clear. might look into doing this this week




What happens with your free transfer?


I did this a couple of weeks ago. The next week I only had one free transfer but that might be because I used my free transfer before I decided to use the free hit. So it worked out badly all round.


Ok, I’ll give it a go and see what happens.


FFS. Made my changes yesterday and today Morata is marked as injured


Fuuuuck only just noticed Richarlison’s somehow classified as a midfielder. Bollock = dropped