Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I need to drop Jesus, the guy came on in a 4-1 drubbing of Spurs and still got -1 points


Usual story of having 15 points on my bench whilst the two dead cert bets got me 0 and -1.


I did the same two games ago. Thought he got his goal, now he’s gonna go quiet for a while. Transferred him before derby day for Coutinho and would be about 15 points ahead if I didn’t do it…

Dunk and Demari Gray are my current most hated FF players. Whenever I have them on the bench they get 6+ points, when I play them they do nothing. I’ve found its been a bad season for picking your team based on fixtures.


Koscelniac jad shit loads of points, put him in and hes not played the last two games


81 points so far with the barnacle left to play. Sweet.


Can’t believe Jesus got as many points as Nathan Aké


Only went and captained Coutinho when I was really hungover after my work do on Friday night. Thought it was all gonna go wrong when he hit the post with his early free kick…

Just hope I keep up the admin during the horrible fantasy football Xmas period.


My team is very aesthetically pleasing in a kind of symmetrical way this week


spent 24 points on transfers then realised there’s another free transfer pin at the end of the month :sweat_smile:


93 points today, with 22 on my bench. If I’d left my team as I had it 5 minutes before the deadline, I’d have broken 110 points. Ah well, still damn decent.


So so shit at picking captain. Just select kane and leave it, you twat!


To be fair, I didn’t expect him to get 3 today. In fact I played both my Burnley defensive players as they’d only let in 1 goal all season at home until today.


Great result this week, up to a season high ranking of 71k.

Got some cash to upgrade, shall I do:

  • Richarlison > Silva
  • Ward > Otamendi

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Ward is a fire you have to put out. Not fit, and Burnley’s fixtures (and form) are on the turn now.

Richarlison has two good fixtures coming up, but Watford are shocking. Still one of the best options in that price bracket though. Having said that, I shipped him out for Coutinho last night.


Gone for Otamendi, thanks team!


Through the 100 or barrier for the first time with Ederson and Otamendi to play. Posting before they both get sent off after conceding 10 against the Geordies tomorrow.


Gritting my teeth and holding out to not import Kane or Aguero. I have loaded my midfield which has left no cash for a big money frontman. Need Kane’s leg to fall off or at least stop scoring bloody hattricks. My Liverpool crew are doing decent business, just wish I could captain the highest scoring one each week.


Haven’t watched any United games recently, but I’m getting awful points off Phil Jones. How are they looking atm? Will ship him out after Southampton I think.


Probably lost £20 because I decided to change my captain from Kane to Salah yesterday morning. Went to change it back but was too late. Need something big from Sterling today.


Yeah I did the same. Over thought it and figured lightning doesn’t strike twice. BUT KANE DOES.