Rolling Fantasy Football thread


My exact thoughts. No way you get another good haul straight after a hat-trick, especially when chasing a record. He did it at the end of last season as well.


Gotta triple captain him next week.


Just played my free hit didn’t I?



Safest to wait for a double game week


It is for Kane. Blank this week, then double next week. Swansea and West Ham. Hard to imagine getting a better chance to TC someone than an in-form Kane against those duffers.

Then again I said that last year about Aguero.


Talking of Kane, he’s one of the most transferred in this week, despite having a blank. 75,000 people are gonna hate themselves.


Right you are. Was looking at the next game week rather than the one after


Kane is the reason for my free hit. Out this week, back in next week with a vengeance.

That’s using the old noodle.


There’s a week coming up where the League Cup semi finalists won’t play… that’ll be better for the free hit imo, you’re likely to have a good number of Chelsea and City players, and maybe an Arsenal


Reckon a couple of million managers will have missed the transfer deadline this morning. I’ve brought Erikson in for Sane and triple captained him. Bound to be a shit decision.


I played my Free Hit because half of my squad were doubtful.

I put Eriksen in so would expect him to disappear without trace.


I have Kane, Eriksen and Ogbonna. Didn’t TC any of them, happy to keep that in the locker for now. Captained Kane, of course.



Stacked the team with spuds and hammers. Captained kane.
Also brought in aguero.

This will all backfire horribly.


Brought Eriksen in too for KDB and captained. Spurs have two games this gameweek so hopefully itl pay off

Salah being injured is annoying


Salah’s my captain and Kane vice. Bollocks.


i think this will only happen with the finalists when they play at the weekend. the semis are midweek games so shouldn’t change the premier league fixtures.

likely to be a man city double game week at some point as i assume they’ll get to the final, so saving a triple captain or free hit for then i think :slight_smile:


Problem is, you can’t rely on the big players playing twice in a double game week. Rotation means they’re likely to play one or the other. Even if they do, they might well not score.

Already played my triple captain anyway, Kane scored a hat trick. That’ll do.


Salah might be injured, according to the FF website. Will probably come on with 5 minutes left to spite you


i know what you mean, but i think you’ve got to hope certain players play in those weeks as they are one of the best times to play the chips. depends on what the premier league game is as well…i.e. whether it is against a top team or not, as they’ll likely be less rotation if it’s someone decent


Triple captained Kane. Could work out poorly if he is ill, but hard to think of a better FPL player with two better fixtures than Swansea and West Ham.