Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Salah and Coutinho both out. I have both. Oh god.


yep i’ve gone for the triple with Kane as well.


Kane dropped!


Always a risk of that with illness and two games in 2 days. Oh well…

Had a shocker. 4 players rested, 2 came on for 5 minute cameos, others have done nothing. I’ve 11 points.


No Kane, no vardy, no salah. Balls


No Salah, no Coutinho, no RLC, no Kenny, no Hope, no Jobs.


Kane hasn’t been given the assist for Alli’s goal which is nuts.


Possibly hubris here but I’ve come a long way since this post. Up to 21 in the DiS league and in the top 1 or 2 in all my other private leagues.


Happy with 314 points across the last 4 game weeks but wasted the triple captain this week. Up to 14th in the DiS league, will see how the FA Cup fixtures play out injury wise and might wildcard or take the free hit for the next game week.


You should save your free hit for when only 8 teams play in a gameweek


This is good advice, League Cup final weekend would be one I guess.


Yep. Also if possible, save your wildcard until the week before the massive double gameweek too (GW34 ish?), then use bench boost.

This DGW was a mess, grand that 120k+ used triple captain on Kane tho, yowch.


what happens with transfers in the window, does it stick to one a week?


struggling who to start this week


Feel like I need to get Alonso or Jones in, but I’d have to make two transfers to do so. Therefore I likely won’t do, and regret it.


Lingard captain. Pray for me.


Just feels wrong


I’ve been tempted for a while, but wanted to spend a bit more in midfield to get pogba in.


Feels logical to me. Kane is up against a good defensive side. Lingard is on fire and Stoke are horrendous.

No doubt Kane will bang in a hattrick today.


I know. Head says good idea, heart says Jesse lingard