Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I refuse to get him in. Must be a fluke. Gonna be like Mahrez, isn’t it, where I have to eventually admit I was plain wrong.


What are those colour squares beneath each player and why don’t I have them? I’ve captained Lingard.


Better FPL chrome plugin. It’s showing the difficulty of the next 5 fixtures.


Think i should bring in lingard, but who to drop? Son? arnautovic? sterling? Salah?



Is Arnie fit again?


Seems so


Then yeah, looks pretty strong. Who is your 5th mid?


Um… carroll. :grimacing:


Got Alonso as captain arghhg


Maybe I should have captained Kane.


I captained Kane, Vice captained Arnaoutovic. A rare case of making two good calls instead of none.


Been totally done over in my head-to-head by a West Brom keeper, Palace defender and Marko bastard Arnautovic. This is just stupid.


Currently on 66 points with otamendi, jones, salah, sterling and aguero to play. Super!


Can see a lot of high scoring this week. Although Liverpool vs City will mean my defence or midfield is low scoring


62 with Salah, Firmino, Ottamendi and Sterling to go. Not bad as it’s basically from 3 players.


©’d Salah over Kane, will be very lucky if it pays off


You know vice doesnt mean owt?


Oh yeah, but I just meant it’s nice to know that either of my choices would have done ok. Only had about 3 double digit captaincys


Happy that my forced transfer was Coutinho for Arnie! Seemed to be a pretty poor week for most so 50 points with salah, sterling and Lingard all to play I’m happy with.


Seventeen points behind at the end of Saturday, eleven points ahead by the end of last night. Up to 91,300-ish in the total rankings, which is way better than I’ve ever managed.