Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I scraped 2nd!


Glad to just stay in the DiS top 10 after a couple of disappointing weeks.

Came 3rd in the league that pays out for the top 2.
Won my work league by 250 points.

Really pleased to win the draft league I was in after taking 1st last week for the first time.




Salah 13.0! Sterling 11.0! De Gea 6.0! Zaha and Arnie forwards!


hmmm might take my ‘anti Kane’ approach and leave Salah out this time cause everyone else has him (also dont think he will be on the same level as last season)


argh Aubameyang is pricy, he was my hot tip this season


If you sort players by ‘% selected’ not very many people are actually going for Salah thus far


good shout. He netted about 12 goals in the league since he joined, reckon he could get 20/25 in a full season


This shit again?


made a provisional team. not too happy with it but got a couple of players I think will be HOT TIPS


gets a few assists too. he also seems weirdly underrated, dont hear many people mention him


Anyone else struggling to put together a team? Normally I find it impossible to squeeze in everyone that I want, this season I can barely find 11 players that I fancy.

The only ones I’m really set on are Salah, Auba, Wan-Bissaka, Robertson, Zaha and maaaybe Pereira and Mahrez.


ive not put Salah in this time


Yep. I got as far as picking two players then hit “auto select”. That’ll do me until PREMIER LEAGUE CUP FEVER strikes.


The fear of 42% of players owning (and probably captaining him) is enough for me to have him for the first month at least, can re-assess during the wildcard.


i’d expect him to have a good season, maybe get 20 goals

but last season he cost so much less and had a proper one off god like season

i think one of the reasons i won a couple of leagues last time was getting him and sterling in cheap and early


I had him since week 1 and still managed to fuck everything else up and have my worst season ever :smiley:


Also struggling at the moment, Aubameyang is the only player I am excited about.

Will probably end up having an early wild card as all the world cup players come back.


Wanted my team name this year to be Arriaga, Arriaga II, Barriaga, Aruglia & Pizzoza but I’m only allowed 20 characters :slightly_frowning_face:


yeah its a shame Sterling is listed as a striker now