Rolling Fantasy Football thread


How likely is Alonso to play for Chelsea?

Reading Sarri doesn’t like wing backs, and I would imagine that Emerson may get the nod over Alonso, would that be right


he’ll play 4 at the back, but that doesn’t mean his fullbacks aren’t attacking. e.g. maggio at napoli was a winger before Sarri went there


Trying to make a team with Salah and Aubemeyang in it work is proving tricky…


I’m not sure it’s possible to bare bones the entire squad to allow the marquee signings I’m trying to include…


Seems really tough this season. Have to make some big calls straight away. If you have De gea, Salah and an 11 million forward then you’re instantly into rotation risk players or ones from bottom half teams.


Totally this.


Always putting in 3 players from your favourite team, to the detriment of your fantasy team?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t support a Premier league team, but would if I did
  • Don’t support a Premier league team, and wouldn’t

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I’m in! Exciting times for SlickyFC


Absolute ban on any players from Manchester united/your club’s direct rival

  • Of course
  • No

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Had to stop playing. Refused to put city and Liverpool players in so was miles behind everyone


Went through Fulhams relegation season basically without subs. We were shit so I had to bench them, but refused to take them out of my squad


Had to put Giroud in. Doesnt sit well with me


Here’s what I’ve gone with:

I’m happy with the attack/defence, but there are some obvious concerns which I’ll ramble about now to try and help me make sense of them!

  • No Salah. I tried to work him in but 13 mill decimates the rest of the team. There’s little chance he’s going to be as good as last season, so I think as the season goes on the 13 mill price tag will surely only go down? I think it’s safer (and ever so slightly cheaper) to go with Kane and build from there
  • No De Gea. At 5 million if Pickford improves on the 145 points from last season, I think he’ll not be far off De Gea and having the extra million (by not having De Gea) to spend on the squad is huge. I’ll be shitting it if Marco Silva doesn’t have the same impact as his previous clubs mind
  • No Chelsea players
  • Mkhitaryan/Pogba/Jota are all risky in different ways, but I need a <7 million midfielder and Jota seems like a strong shout. As for the other 2, the risk is that Mourinho has entered full-bastard phase and it’s hard to predict how well Arsenal will adapt. Sessegnon is very tempting but seems very risky to have 2 midfielders from promoted clubs and Jota is the more reliable pick of the two, to me anyway
  • Terrible bench, if I get a couple of injuries close together (which is inevitable) this could bite me in the arse


Relatively pleased with my first draft:

Think it’s safer to have Salah and downgrade if he’s not performing rather than struggle to get the funds in if he’s as prolific as last year.


Mitro at 6.5 is now IN


Desperately want Salah, but it inevitably means a bench that reads like that, or OttoMaddox’s above. So I am going NO SALAH, with Mane in instead. He’s basically the same anyway, yeah? My team feels much nicer overall, but the fear, oh god the fear…


I’ve gone for Mane too - he’s been on pens in pre-season, who knows…


The pens was are what swayed me eventually. Got Sanchez too, on the basis that he’s going to be United’s only plan (and fit player) for a few weeks. Then he’ll get the elbow, probably.


Gambling from the get-go. I like your style.


Midfield is looking a bit thin. Might go for some cheaper defenders to bolster it maybe?