Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Alonso -> David Luiz m8

You save a mil, he’s not playing LW in all but name now, and I’m not confident he’ll be nailed imho tbh


I usually do the exact opposite of this. No players from my favourite team, if they get hurt (or leave) it’s double pain. The only time I broke this rule recently was with Payet and… urgh.


I will always, always have 3 Fulham players in my squad, normally in my starting line up. Pretty tempted to captain mitro


Could do:
Out: Alonso, monreal, neves
In: Luiz, wan bissaka, ramsey

Think that makes my squad better


Looks better. My 5m punt atm is Will Hughes, don’t know why everyone is looking at Neves so much tbh


Thoughts and advice please m8s. As always, just trying to beat my old Dad (did it last season yaasss!!)

Azpi // Robertson // Cedric // Trippier
Sane // DeBruyne // Neves
Aubaumeyang // Firmino // Mitrovic

Bench: Ryan / Milivojevic / Cairney / Win Basaka

Cedric or Lacselles?
Firminio or Giroud?
De Bruyne or Erikson?


Did a good goal last year. Obviously biased but Cairney at 5m could be a bargain, likely to be on penalties for us. As many goals and more assists in less games than neves last season


De bruyne


yup I think Cairney/Hughes (and when fixtures clear up) Kenedy are the standouts at 5m


Yeah kenedys been in and out of my drafted teams


This is very close to my current team.

I’m always wary of having two defenders or midfielders from the same team though.


Nice to see Lovren, World’s Best Defender :copyright: in there.

Can’t see Matip getting in ahead of him.


Reasonably happy with this. Schurrle feels like a bit of a gamble but I feel like him and Mitrovic might link up nicely.


ah, the Ward-Prowse trap


I’m back in! Shandon’t F.C.!


I know, he’s got to do it sometime though, right?

Also had Mooy and Cork on my shortlist. Might have to look at Cairney too if he’s gonna be on pennos.


I’m just messing


not sure at all


Just can’t decide between having Salah or not.
I don’t think he will score as much as last year but will still score a lot.

Once I decide that everything else will fall into place.


don’t buy into the salah hype for another season. pretty happy with my team tbh. have a feeling zaha and mitrovic might be gone sooner rather than later though.