Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Is there any value in the 5.0-5.5 million midfielder range?


Cairney and Kenedy could be decent shouts at 5m


Lot of folk signing neves too


He won’t though. If he starts more than a dozen PL games i’ll Be impressed/moaning about all of our injury woes.


Didn’t watch them much last season but my #wolvesmates said he won’t be anywhere near the goal and isn’t much value


He scored 6 in the Championship, so you’d expect 1 or 2 in the PL, at best. Although he might be on penalties…


Yeah this is my impression. He scored a couple of pingers but Cairney had more goals and assists, after missing the first 2 months of the season to injury


Will Hughes + those mentioned


is Trippier likely to play a lot do we think


Not the first GW or two but probably. Although pochettino quite likes to rotate his fullbacks. Same with Davies, now Rose isn’t injured, becomes a riskier prospect imo


Yeah, will be first choice. Everyone hates Aurier pretty much


Will he be in the team this weekend? Will sack him off otherwise


I would have thought Aurier will play this weekend and other ‘winnable’ league games during champions league weeks


Sacking him off for that price then, can sub in next week or later


Gonna sort a team soon.


Looking like this at the moment…


Boruc isn’t first choice Bournemouth keeper for your FYI, it’s Begovic.


Thanks for this very helpful heads up!


Neves all the way. Will be on pen duties too I think.


Current squad. Nearly there:

Does anyone know if Rondon will start? Who will be between the sticks for CPY this season, @ynot?

Only change left to do is find a way to add Mendy to the team but maybe in a couple of weeks