Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I would have thought Guiata, as he was one of the best keepers in La Liga last season and we beat Athletico and Fiorentina to his signature, he’d be miffed if he’s our back up. However,Hennessey has been first choice preseason, but got injured warming up against Toulouse.


Anyone got any feedback on this? Have 0.5 to play with. Probably Fernandinho could be subbed out for someone better? Picked him as a sort of “safe” option I could sub out later, but since they’re playing Arsenal might not be the best bet


Ah yeah, meant to sub out Trippier too. Not really prepared here


You somehow did the same thing as me and pick a team without any City players. Made me think I need to try again.


Gone with Guiata on your advice. Don’t let me down @ynot!


Read something that the last 6 or 7 Wolves pen takers have been different players…


Oh dear.


not sure what to call my team, considering ‘Belgium’


I’ve made a change since then, subbed out Trippier for Danilo.


Don’t think lingard will be playing that much. It’s gonna Matic, Fred, Pogba, Sanchez, Lukaku +1 or just them if we go 3-5-2


Yeah I expect him to start, preferred order Rondon > Muto > Joselu (hopefully). You have seen our opening fixtures though, right…?


Here is my team. Quite happy with it, but will probably tinker about 5000 times


Fabianski-Arnautovic-Wan Bissaka-Zanka


Hmm, looking into it, both Lukaku and Lingard seem unlikely to start due to WC duties


No lukaku and no vardy. This is going to be a fucking bleak curtain raiser innit


no party


Is Perez injured?


cant decide between Lukakkers or Firminners


No but he’s a number 10. Should be listed as a mid


Whoevers cheaper, I reckon (so Firmino?)


Any of the Neutral defenders worth sniffing around?