Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I was looking at both and thought it was the same one. It’s been a long day.


Happy with this I think.


Bad puns time. Spent ages trying to come up with these and really came up with some utter shite, so thought I’d share. Some of them have probably been done before, others, too terrible for anyone else to come up with:

Puncheon Above My Weight
Dier in the Disco (or Isco)/Dier in the Taco Bell
Sokratis as Sokra Does
Momma Said Knock(you)aert
Chicken Tikka Mo Salah
Bridge Over The River Gueye
The Britos Empire
Sir Mix-Dalot
Ayew Being Served


Bernard worth a punt?


He’s one to watch


How’s this? Recon I should swap Wan-Bissaka for Bellerin this week as Arsenal and City are playing each other?


Isn’t Son on some Asian Cup competition for the whole of August?


Got to say, that team looks fit as. You’ve got me thinking about mine and how I might copy change it


Apparently so, think I should get one of Gross / Jota and just save the money?


Yeah Asian Games. Get him yoinked @songforsaturday
Apparently he won’t have to play in the November internationals or the start of the Asian Cup in Jan though



My advice would be to spend all your money right now, unless you have a solid plan to transfer in Kane in W3 or something. Money in the bank can’t win you points etc.


Just taken Son out thanks to this thread!

Currently looks like this before I make any changes following the deadline day transfers. Shaw and Coleman are gonna be starters this weekend do we think?



Cheers. Used all my money up so now looks like this;


My latest team.


Two places left in my team. Basically comes down to Sanchez vs Aubameyang


Auba, surely? Sanchez plays for Manchester United.


Its a pretty strong argument but Arsenal play City and then Chelsea and Sanchez might be coming up against Wes Morgan.

I’m probably being swayed by bringing in Sanchez at the right time was the easily the best fantasy football move I’ve ever made.


Lets you be really punchy without Salah, eh? You’ll be hiding behind the sofa every time Liverpool play though.


As I said up there, A LOT of people with Zaha. There must be a better option


Arnautovic or Mitrovic seem better to me. Surely guaranteed starts and not looking to move anywhere.