Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Quietly confident Salah’s going to be good but not great this season.


Got an bet on with a friend of him scoring under 18 this season


He’s owned by over 50% of players. If he scores a hattrick this weekend and those 50% have him captained, you’re absolutely fucked. Only him and Wan-Bissaka are must owns this season imo


I think you could be right, with Shak there and more options to rotate around Cup weekends.

But I’d rather start with him and, if he’s not performing, downgrade him to De Bruyne and lose 0.2, rather than have to restructure my team to get him in Week 3.


but (I’d imagine) pretty much nobody has both Kane and Salah, so if Salah’s quiet and Kane scores a truckload against newcastle I’m quids in


Don’t think he will do as well as last year but will probably be the best scoring player in a high scoring Liverpool team.


your funeral


your trial?


I’ve got Kane and Salah (at the moment)


Originally I had Salah, but didn’t think he was worth £3m more than De Bruyne as I could upgrade a striker.
Hopefully my call will be right.


How do you feel Paul Dummett and Carlos Sanchez are going to perform this year?


Potentially the third highest points scoring sanchez, and almost certainly the highest scoring dummett


Moura is in until Son gets back, and Sanchez will magically turn into de bruyne in a few weeks once he’s up to speed. I’m also expecting West Ham games to all end up about 5-4 this year, hence Firmino is captain this week.


Done a bit more tinkering. Reckon this is the absolute dog’s bollocks, better than anything I’ve come up with in previous years. Top 100 in the DiS league nailed on.



  • Firmino
  • Kane

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I have both Kane and Salah but no idea if Kane is going to start. Waiting until after Poch’s presser later before deciding whether or not to drop Kane for someone else for GW1


How do you have money for anyone else?


Had to budget my midfield a bit and playing 4-4-2 but otherwise pretty happy with what I’ve managed to get


I’m done now. See you all on the other side wildcard ahoy!


Finally happy with this… I think.