Rolling Fantasy Football thread



FFS! Thanks @nebbie. Nearly completely fucked myself

Back to the drawing board


‘How do I monetise charity?’ said a tech bro


He will play GW1 though if you still wanted to take a punt against Newcastle


Personally I’ve got a weird feeling Kane will start so have gone with him. RIP my GW


Just GW1 or GW1 and GW2? If both, I’ll keep him I think


Dropped kane in the end


No attacking City players is brave


If Sanchez doesnt start on fire im bringing in de bruyne. Same with auba/aguero


Sanchez will be the focal point, particularly at first, and without him and Pogba stepping on each others heels all the time he should shine. So is a decent bet but he is very expensive


Tempted to switch Sane/Ramsey out for De Bruyne/Lingard. I’m light on strikers and hoping my midfield can plug the gaps. Help/criticism welcome!


what’s happened to de bruyne?


oh wait, I’ve misunderstood. as you were (think EOWCP, jesse lingard is a doubt for tonight tho)


Getting last minute jitters about best 7.0 forward:

  • Arnautovic
  • Zaha

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King / Tosun? (for the fixtures)


Prefer Arnautovic usually. But that opening fixture at Anfield is enough to put you off



Already have him


Got to say, I didn’t find much value in any striker below 9.0

Decided to trim elsewhere in order to afford Bobby F


The news of KDB and Sterling being fit is testing my Bernardo Silva nerve


Lucas Pérez