Rolling Fantasy Football thread



My understanding is he’s off to the Asian games from GW2. So he would only play this weekend before leaving.


Has to be Zaha with that fixture?


Thanks a bunch, Bernard



  • Go with DeBruyne from the start, he might play this weekend.
  • Get Mahrez in for GW1, 1mil in the bank to get DeBruyne when he’s back.

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Probably spent too much on four players but couldn’t pick which one to drop.
Will sort it out when I know a bit more.


I’ve tried doing the thing where you second-guess a team not using a particular player straight away and then swapping them in later on, it never works out. Invariably they either play anyway, you didn’t pick the right replacement, then two of your other picks pull up injured for a month and it’s all fucked up. Pick the ones who are likely to play most weeks.


Right, good luck everyone!

Just FYI when you’re all miles behind I won’t be able to hear you all complain from the very top x


I’m regretting not going for Maddison now



Here we, here we, (etc)

signed Mina on a whim and he wasn’t injured at the time but he bloody is now. Typical. Dunk to the rescue already


Expect he will work very well with Vardy. Definitely one to keep an eye on


My team


glad I took Pogba out of my team


Obviously took Shaw out last minute! Amazing move. I swear I do better when I just wing it, I’ve spent way to long on my team and it looks totally unbalanced - obviously when I settled on it about three hours ago I thought it looked pretty damn good.


Thankfully left him in. Won’t do that again anytime soon though. Got ‘benched from gameweek 3’ written all over him…


One player tonight, Periera, who is playing out of position and got an assist at the death, plus one bonus point. Not too shabby, that’s one hurdle down…


Oh ffs.




That’s harsh as fuck. Wan is getting 3 bonus points too :joy: