Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Only players that haven’t returned anything are Eriksen and Aguero. This is the start of my DREAMS. On for 92pts


Sané coming on has robbed me of 5 points from Jota


85 (I think) once the bonus points are added. Not bad at all, would’ve broken 100 with my two palace lads on :astonished:


53 for me, so glad i made Sane my captain :roll_eyes:


Reckon I’ll get 90. Different captain and choice of player to bench and it would have been 115+, but still over the moon with that. Usually get about 20 on the first weekend.

My forward line did shit though and I have 30% of the team value tied up with it.


Happy with 85 for the week. Ederson and Wan-bisaka on the bench though so could have had 100, ah ff how I have missed thee


That’s very handy. Thanks.


50 points. 25 or so on the bench. ffs.

See you next season.


56 points. Still fairly happy with my team, just think it was just a bit of an unlucky week. Planned for the first few weeks so hopefully can still turn it around to be a decent start


27 points sitting on my bench ffs.

Happy with my start though. My old man sent me a text on Friday night once he’d seen my team that read “Wan Bassaka?? Hahahahah, aye right!” he’s already on the back foot and I’m feeling very smug.

Long way to go lads


86 points. If I hadn’t captained fucking Kane I would’ve broken 100 I think. 16th in the infamous DiS league is the highest I think I’ve ever been. Going to retire now.


93 points. Good enough start that I might actually pay attention to it beyond the first week of September this season…


78 for me, which I’m happy with as it makes me top of all the leagues with my IRL pals.

DiS league seems very competitive this year.


Top of my draft league though. That’s the real quiz


Think this week’s transfer will be Azpilicueta > Mendy. Start building some team value and get 0.5 in the bank for future spending.


Was really tight all of last year, more of the same this year hopefully.

Whose team is Cugat’s Magic Sponge ffs :smiley:




I’m like that. I took out Sadio Mané with a couple of hours to go! :weary:


Kane never scores in August!


seriously considering using my wildcard :expressionless: