Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Should I captain:

  • Aguero
  • Alonso
  • Salah

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May i refer you to the last 2 Newcastle games at the etihad stadium (the bald fraud will put stones up front now or something won’t he)


We’re trying out 5 at the back, and given City’s attacking down the left, I am terrified of Mendy vs. Yedlin/Manquillo… we’ll get properly banged.


transferred bernie silva out as he’s done NOTHING since he replaced kdb. already annoyed at his inevitable hat trick later


Weird how one transfer can make such a difference. Got Richarlison in two weeks ago instead of Alonso as that guy has burned me so, so many times. Been fighting fires ever since and losing 15 points a week because of it. If I’d stuck with my original plan of Alonso instead, I’d be laughing now and with 2 banked transfers.


Nearly transferred Pedro in this week but decided against it.

Moving Salah and Abu out to the fantasy glue factory next week - topping up with bargain value like the Eternal Glenn Murray.


did you triple captain Salah then?


This is officially the fantasy year of the defender. Getting Alonso in before next week at whatever the cost.


(Queue chelsea shipping at least 1 each week and no further alonso goals/assists this side of christmas)


49pts added bonus which is decent enough, but I only have Mkhi left to play so I’m just going to do my best to ignore the football tomorrow and Monday.

Anyone here TC Aguero?


Nope… Wasn’t thinking.


Good to see my swap of Lacazette to Richarlison is paying off well…


Solid week. Back bothering the DiS top 5 for the first time this season.


shouldn’t give away info to people i’m competing against but hey ho

bench boost - use on a double gameweek but obviously make sure your bench isn’t useless
triple captain - use on a double gameweek but not at xmas, remember how many people did that with kane last xmas?
free hit - use in that gameweek where the fa cup means there’s only 3 or 4 games in the prem

saying that, my mate used his triple captain on salah in the not-many-games game week last year when he got 19 points before captain-ing… so maybe my advice is bollocks


Four games in and a lot of people laughed at my strike force of Ings and Mitrovic - a lot of current league 1st places says otherwise.


Needless to say, I had the last laugh


Thank fuck the international break is nearly over.

Gone Salah to Hazard. Feelin’ risky.


This is going to sound ridiculous, but have been torn between not making a transfer this week and Wildcarding.

I feel like I could have a tasty 11 this week, if everyone plays. Or I could be 5 people down.


Injuries? Or rotation risks?


Both. Shaw and Fraser are flagged. Mikihitarian seems to be being rotated. Peltier and Kamara not playing.

But if everyone bar the last two start, I have a good 11 and a decent first sub, then two transfers to have fun with next week. I feel like I ought to get Alonso in, but he’s burned me for the last two seasons and it feels like point chasing now.