Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Hopefully the pressers in the next couple days help you out :+1:


Wildcarded so just making the final changes to my team.
Fraser being yellow has changed everything as there is nobody else I like at his price.


I’ve bought him in. Sure I’m going to regret it, but figured not having him is the biggest fantasy risk at the moment.


Wildcard played. Pretty much a complete squad change from the previous shower…

We go again.


Bloody Alonso trolled me again. Every. Bloody. Season. I. Get. Him. In.

Hazard went mental eh? Anyone swap Salah for him? Few people in my leagues seem to, but sure many will now.


Absolute mare of a day, 28 points. Stupid game.


Yep. Didn’t captain though.


Managed 68 (-4) with 2 to play, with no Hazard, so got lucky. Lot of people point chasing this year. Seen so many knee jerk transfers.


captain hazard

king on the bench tho ffs


Nice! Fraser doing work I guess?


Yup. Fraser, started Wan Bissaka, David Silva, captain Aguero. Not much else though.


intended to play my wildcard and made 6 transfers but somehow didn’t play it ???
and copped a -20
hazard as captain bailing me out though


I had two free transfers to use, but overall I was happy with my team and didnt want to transfer for the sake of it.

I considered Hazard in for Salah but didn’t want to risk things, so went for the most boring transfer in FF history: Bournemouth’s Steve Cook in for Bournemouth’s Charlie Daniels…


Christ, I’m currently sat at 1,246 overall. All downhill from here aye


Fraser being yellow led me to changing Silva, Fraser and Ings to Pedro, Maddison and Wilson. Already 15 points down with Ings still to play.


Another piss poor week minorly salvaged by keeping the faith in Wan-Bissaka and Patricio. Definitely drifting towards that stage of the season where I stop giving a shit about this.


Had Sane from the start.

Finally took him out Friday night.

Pissed off at 15.02pm Saturday.


Monster week in our offline draft league.
Hazard, ozil, Eriksen, Zaha, Ings, willian all bagging plus a few clean sheets at the back


For those of you tragic enough to take an interest, here’s our league table and mine and @aggpass’s teams.


I swapped wolves gk for Leicester today