Rolling Fantasy Football thread


I did not spot that, thought you were just pointing out their respective teams. I will change it.


Feeling pretty confident about this week


Thinking of doing 5 changes and playing the Wildcard this weekend :thinking:


Me too. Have 5 players flagged. Salah also isn’t looking quite right.


I feel like I’ve done better by not having Salah so far. I know I’ll regret this when he starts pinging them in game after game but he’s still far too expensive.


i’ve not got him and truly believe that to be the correct and good choice, i guess we’ll see at the end of the season

  • too expensive
  • too scared of missing out

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Alright. This is the final result of my wildcard. Think I’ve nailed it and can overturn my shite start


You confident with Moura starting now Son is back?


My draft wildcard. Have 1.1 in the bank but not sure where I would use it:

I think Cairney will come good so think i might hold on to him until he’s back.


Ahhhhh had crossed my mind but he’s started so well :thinking:

Yeah, I guess you’re right, he probably won’t play will he. Team looks so good on paper too


Gonna play the wildcard and make some swingeing changes, see if we can’t turn the season/my interest in the entire shebang around. There are going to be scowls around the dressing room when the team sheet gets past around, but history will vindicate me.


Swapped him for Fraser and used the extra money to boost my bench :+1:


Had Milner for penalties and some assist points, but in general he’s not really a fantasy-friendly player. Just realised that for the last 2 rounds i had enough in the bank to swap him for Hazard. I’m so shit at this game.


Mendy OUT :sob:

It started as his knee, then wasn’t it his ankle? Now it seems to be his metatarsal?



Nominative determinism, innit


Any idea how long for?


Why is it so hard to swap Hazard for Kane…

stupid bloody FF positions.


Late candidate for POTW?


Kisses fingers


Is that your starting team? Your bench is stronger than most of the players I’m putting out this week. Surely you’re playing Richarlison and Trippier?!