Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Yes, obviously Parsefone is going to start Jimenez and Patricio versus United. I’ve moved most of the bench in, don’t fret.


I don’t think Aguero will score much against Cardiff - they will park their dirty, dirty :poop: :oncoming_bus: against every team away from home.

City will win but it won’t be full of goals.


Well, I am starting Patricio. Think we’re due another Jose meltdown.


Your funeral, pal.


Lads we’ve got 8 minutes left. (Should I) captain:

  • Aguero
  • Hazard

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  • Mane


fucked it and missed the deadline, so i’ve got aguero. regret it already


salah scoring again now I’ve taken the captaincy off him. absolute prick, sergio ramos was right


Bald fraud taking off aguero before he could fill his boots. Wanker


Just like I said.


Might be wildcard week…


68 once subs have been processed. Decent


I really need to stop benching obi wan-bissaka


sick of this game


What fan leagues are you all in?
I’m somehow in the top 50 of the Brighton League at the minute.


Me too.


First week I’ve felt comfortable about not making any transfers. Not that I think things are going to turn around, you understand. This is just Warnock-sneering-under-a-hood resignation.


I’ve brought in Kane, Doherty and Richarlison. It’s either going to result in 30 more points or abject failure.


Shipped out Mendy for K-Tripz, could have done it earlier this week for a 0.2 swing in team value but love hearing the pressers