Rolling Fantasy Football thread


Out of interest, since I’m not in it, what’s the current top score in the DiS league?


@tuna is walking it. 566 points


would be even more so if I didn’t bench 20 points this gw :upside_down_face:


Want to swap Zaha out, should I get:

  • Arnautovic
  • Wilson

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Shit for me this year. Every week I look at my team I think it’s decent, every week it’s not.


Swap Pereyra for Seri and a tasty 0.7 in the bank?

  • Do it
  • Nah

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Eeeep! Forgot to change my team and left Pickford with 15 points just sitting on my bench :grimacing:


Average week, will be a bad one if Maddison or Lacazette/Aubameyang smash it tonight though.

Up to 7th in the DiS league for now but all of my team has played.


Same for me. Think I’ve nailed it and then either have an average week or a shit week, week in week out. Bah.


Wilson is the ultimate ‘put him in and he does fuck all for 6 games in a row, take him out and he scores a hat trick’ player for me


@Juke , @beastie, @crisps, @boxtoboxelder: You’re all on the list, mates.


If it’s any consolation, I benched him and will be missing out on those sweet, sweet points.


I voted for this today for lols.


Psycho Jurgen resting Gomez and Robertson for the most nailed on clean sheet of the season is frustrating


Pleased to report I swallowed my pride and immediately bought Bobby Pereyra back.


reckon being to scared to sell salah might have paid off for me


Guess a whole bunch of people subbed him in this week though


Not having these Bournemouth attackers is killing me. Wilson and Fraser just keep delivering…


Fixtures swing badly for them after the next game but I may go in for Brooks or Wilson, given how little anyone else seems to want to score goals right now.


Lads lads lads

Internet tells me Hazard didn’t play so either the substitute system isn’t working or none of my subs played.

So help me find similarly costed replacements who do, please.