Rolling Film Score Thread

Think this has been mentioned in other threads but anyway Mica Levi has a soundtrack for a film called Monos coming out at the end of the month. Film looks intriguing -

That and Chernobyl both getting Vinyl releases at the start of September as well.


Bit random this as it is in no way new but I discovered this soundtrack recently and it absolutely blew my mind.

Looks like it’s going to be a typical Giallo soundtrack conforming to one of the Morricone templates but it’s unlike anything I’ve heard from this time/genre.

Basically a drone album with vocal elements that are reminiscent of Meredith Monk or maybe Joan LaBarbara. It’s just stunning.

I don’t know anything about Vittorio Gelmetti but Nora Orlando was a vocalist who worked as Moriccone’s Choral arranger as well as making some fantastic soundtracks of her own but this is the most distinctive work I’ve heard.

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The Joker score is brilliant

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