Rolling Film Score Thread

Every single time I see this thread title I wonder why there is a thread where people are giving films scores (out of 10 or whatever) on the music board, and every time I forget that I’ve already clicked into it before and realised my mistake.

7/10, would misunderstand again.

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Thought I’d dip back to this thread to post a couple of recent reissues I really love.

Ennio Morricone - My Dear Killer

Brilliant, brooding, atmospheric, hints of Rosemary’s Baby, even occasionally a little funky (!) offsetting the screaming strings.

Zdenek Liska - The Little Mermaid

Finders Keepers special this one. Not sure how to describe this beyond magical. Give it a go if you like things a bit off kilter, maybe childlike but unnerving.

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Gem of a reissue if you like 60s/70s Italian stuff, library music or indeed anything that drew on that like Broadcast/Stereolab/Portishead via John Barry.

Also I watched the Pixar movie Soul last night and really like the score by Trent Reznor/Atticus Finch. Not sure I’ve heard any of their scores before but just assumed it would be NIN esque. Wasn’t in the slightest - very much in the vein of the Wall-e and Inside Out soundtracks, both of which I really like. The streaming version also has all the jazz tracks by Jon Batiste, which I think work great in the film but I have no desire to listen to outside the film and which really break up the flow, so I just edited them out and they aren’t on the physical release (or are maybe a separate ‘songs from’ not ‘score’ release). Anyway good stuff.


I think it’s something to do with awards eligibility politics but yeah there’s seemingly four or five versions across platforms.

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If only I had the money…oh and lived in the States as for some reason it isn’t being sold anywhere else.

Not really a box sets person but would make an exception for this.

(Been listening to Destroy All Monsters recently)

Technically not a film score - athough I could easily see it over the end credits of a Tim Burton stop motion animation - but Danny Elfman’s new single is very Danny Elfman.
First of a series of new singles coming out on the 11th of each month apparently.

Great article by Lucrecia Dalt on her favourite soundtracks (LD is ace btw if you don’t know her)

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