Rolling folk music thread (2022)

Doesn’t seem to have been a folk music thread on the go since a 2019 round-up but I listened to a couple of cracking albums in the sun earlier and thought it might be worth starting one up again. These three albums from this month are all highly recommended:


Been to see a couple of folk gigs recently. The Outside Track were excellent and fun but there were only about 40 people there. Most of them were over 60 for some reason and the band kept complaining that no-one was dancing. Was a slightly weird atmosphere.

Then I went to see Talisk a couple of weeks ago in the same venue with my daughter and they were incredible, straight in my top ten best gigs. They played so, so fast and it. was so loud, such an amazing noise. Venue was packed this time and were right up for it. Would go again in a heartbeat.

Will listen to all those, love a bit of Kate Rusby.


Ye Vagabonds are good lads

Still think their first album is their best though

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Only recently got into Heart’s Ease by Shirley Collins and it’s one of my most played in recent months. Such a warm and comforting album!

Would like to know if anybody’s read and would recommend her book?

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This is really good - folk songs in Ladino (Jude-Spanish). I have no idea what the lyrics are but I find the music and the singing are excellent.

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I caught a bit of talisk at a festival a few weeks ago, they were incredible! Can’t wait to see them again

Not new but I’ve been enjoying this Cian Nugent live set on Bandcamp. For fans of William Tyler, Ryley Walker, Steve Gunn etc

Saw that he’s just finished recording a new album as well

I know it’s probably pretty obvious but I just can’t get enough of Jake Xerxes Fussell.

St Brendan’s Isle off this is one of the best “indie” folk tunes I have heard in a long time.


America Over the Water? I really enjoyed it. It’s a reissue (or reprint if it’s a book?) of one she wrote in 2005 and alternates chapters between her upbringing in England and her travels with Alan Lomax in the Southern States.

If anyone (in this thread and so I expect with an interest in folk music) hasn’t read Electric Eden then that’s a massive recommendation, a big old brick of a book about the UK’s relationship with folk music over time including the early collectors, revival in the 60s/70s and threads in modern popular music.

Is there much interest in a music books thread? Keep thinking of starting one as I always tend to have one music book on the go at a time, but most of my threads sink like a stone.

Excellent, planning to buy it in the coming weeks and will stick Electric Eden on the list too. A music books thread sounds right up my street.

Junior Brother has finally released a studio version of his best song

Video by Bob Gallagher who directed all the best Gilla Band videos

New album announced for September.

Recommended if you like Richard Dawson, Joanna Newsom or Lisa O’Neill

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Been listening to the Elephant Sessions a lot recently. Planning on getting back into playing my violin which has been gathering dust for a decade or two. For £5 you can buy the sheet music pdfs for the basic fiddle parts for seemingly their entire back catalogue, which is fantastic.

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Really enjoyed this this morning:

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Stumbled across Mike Pope via the Ripening (Ain’t It Strange) album artwork artist’s instagram page - Will Gaynor

Songs For People (High and Low) is straight folk whereas Ripening is amped up. Both are very good indeed

FFO Jason Molina/Magnolia Electric Co., Grizzly Bear, Nathaniel Rateliff

Wasnt really sure where to post this (or even what the point of it would be) but I’ve recently discovered Dick Gaughan’s music and it’s absolutely incredible isn’t it. Some of the best voice and guitar folk interpretations I’ve heard.

That’s all.