Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Based on the few TFS episodes I’ve heard with him in…I don’t share this opinion. Knowledgeable and interesting enough…but he gives off a strong feeling of rating himself pretty highly. His well-curated appearance only adds to this impression.


This is absolutely brilliant.


yeah thoroughly enjoyed this, jimbo such a GBOL. could’ve been longer really, wouldn’t have minded more details on the nicola berti stuff


oh man, was just gonna bump this for this

fucking love james richardson


Spent much of today catching up with the Number 1 podcast. It’s interesting. I’ve always found David Preece engaging when talking about goalkeepers and hearing him analysing in such depth is brilliant - particularly as a former, failed keeper.

I wonder if it might lose something from being a bit repetitive in time - I mean, hopefully it’ll evolve as time goes on, but I don’t know how much mileage there is in analysing the same 20 keepers week in week out.

Time will tell, but a great (and different) listen.


Does anyone else think Marcotti’s one of the very worst pundits?


Can’t stand his vocal inflection, let alone his teenagery hot takes on all things football.


looks like a teddy bear, too.


Literally everyone? I may be prejudiced because of the Americanness but his writing is absolutely godawful unreadable shite as well


Not a fan. Brings nothing to the table at all. Made to look all the more inadequate when sharing a platform with someone like James Horncastle.


100% Team Football Weekly now, Totally has pissed me off too many times.

Tempted to listen to Golazzo though, despite not giving a shit about Italian football. Is it good?


Both were a bit poor this week. The Guardian roped a work experience lad in, and TFS had that annoying angry southerner on again.

I think both are pretty distinct shows now, tbh. TFS more indepth and more varied discussion. FW more laidback and injokes. I prefer the former really.


Preece, MacIntosh, Ben Green, Horncastle and MacInnes all on this i noticed…


Taken the plunge into ‘Quickly Kevin’ and picking and choosing the episodes. Really enjoyed the Le-Tiss, Dowie, Champ Man, Dermot Gallagher and James Richardson episodes. Currently listening to Steve Bruce’s novel review.

Considering I’m not a huge fan of Widdicombe’s comedy (and I’m staggered that Carl Serrant didn’t resonate on his radar), I think he’s pretty good on this. However, the laugh of his co-host is so irritating. Laughs at EVERYTHING. Very loudly. HAHAHAHAHAHA THAT’S VERY FUNNY, JOSH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA>


The laughing does my tits in.

Definitely listen to the Elis James episode on Gould, it’s fantastic.


I’ll stick that one on next.

I’m not a huge fan of Ellis James either, but I’ve heard good things about this episode already.


You’re… what? Really? Is he not the most likable man in the UK?


I don’t know him or his stuff particularly well, but I’ve found him pretty ‘meh’ up until now.

Mind remains open though.


He’s not the funniest comic, that’s for sure, but I find him very charming and pleasant. Knows his onions when it comes to football too.


The Golazzo podcast on Zeman’s good.

Find these proactive coaches who win fuck all absolutely fascinating. Bielsa’s another. Sarri’s won nowt yet. Sampaoli probably won’t win much else at international or club level. All nutters. All brilliant.