Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


anyone heard the Quickly Kevin of them going through Steve Bruce’s books?


I had an idea for a football podcast that I will never put into action. Basically, just have a group of people (a comic, a journalist, an ex-player, others) commentate on a live game. They would be encouraged to deviate a bit, just be an alternative to the mundane commentary you have to endure from drab ex-pros. Not sure people would listen after the game has happened, but live could work. Would anybody actually listen to this, or do people prefer retrospective analysis?


Yeah…it was pretty good…that guest comedian was much funnier than any of the others, though (cant remember his name)


Ivo Graham.

Yeah i like Josh Widdicombe but the others are irritating. The book is ridiculous though


The Dixon and Dorigo episodes are great. Some of the little details about their careers are lovely. Dixon missed celebrating the '89 title because his uncle was visiting from Australia and his mum had arranged a party. Dorigo basically just got a copy of the league table, handwrote a letter to every team in the top half, Villa gave him a trial and within two years he’d won their Player of the Year.


Not heard those yet but got them downloaded. Do usually find the show a lot better when it has guests from the sport on as they do get fun little stories and insights, and the guests are usually quite willing to speak openly


Wilson & Glendenning moaning about the Italian commentator today :roll_eyes: Pathetic.

Still much prefer GFW over TTFS as it stands, but Glendenning rubs me up the wrong way a fair bit.


Been listening to quite a bit these days.

Golazzo - some of these are brilliant, particularly if you remember C4-era Italian football. Could listen to Horncastle’s voice all day and all night.

Quickly Kevin - listened to the ones where I’m either interested in the subject matter or guest. Find it a bit hit and miss. Really enjoyed the Dermot Gallacher, Le Tiss and Dowie episodes and find Widdicombe a lot more engaging than I thought I would. But (and I think I’ve mentioned this further upthread) the other main presenter is so irritating by having to laugh uproariously at EVERYTHING. I also enjoy the mattress ad where the switch from minor bantz into reading a script is completely obvious.

Number 1 Podcast - Would have really liked this 20 years ago when I still kept net. Really like hearing David Preece’s analysis but I think they could benefit by getting some guests in to interview.

Haven’t really listened to GFW (too much Rushden and Glendenning) or TTFS in quite a while.


This is great. Elis James is by far the most engaging guest on any podcast i’ve heard.



Absolutely pissed myself during the Michael Owen segment of Football Weekly today. Such a glorious bell-end.


The Arseblog guy sounds like Peter Serafwhatsitz putting on an American accent.



He was excellent.

More of those sort of non-rabid, reasonable supporters/bloggers, please.


Good ding dong on today’s football weekly


Barney Ronay is an underrated psycho.


Might try and introduce the ‘out with the referee, in with the cow’ chant to Home Park.


The section on Cyril the Swan is easily my favourite 5 mins of a football podcast in years. Brilliant.


I really can’t speak highly enough of the John Robins and Elis James podcast. John takes some warming to, but once you get him you GET him. And Elis is the most engaging, lovely chap.


I’ve been getting heavily into EJJR these last few months (and have converted friends to it as well). I came for Elis James, but stayed for John Robins. I’m going to see Robins’ standup at Hammersmith this week, can’t wait.


I would like to show my appreciation of Mick McCarthy’s first jazz single, as featured in the latest Athletico Mince