Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


I cant seem to find anywhere to download Mince which isnt iTunes now :confused:


Robins’ impression of James Stewart last week had me in absolute tears


It’s hard to top the Ballad of Barry Homeowner, or the Beardsley jokes, but this runs it close.


anyone got any ideas?


been enjoying TFR’s world cup throwbacks but it may as well be the luke moore show now. he’s so dominating to the point of parody. starting to make it unlistenable.


based on the trailers they keep playing his other show with pete sounds like worst thing ever


really like PD and don’t usually mind luke but you couldn’t pay me to listen to that


The Ramble needs a bit of a freshen up for me.

This Paul Watson lad on FW was good value…


I hope there’s a clear distinction.

Ramble is trundling along nicely for me…Luke does dominate but is usually good value. Getting more into OTC too, especially the mailbag. Anyone still listening to that Golazzo thing? I enjoy the retrospectives they do…but now I check each episode to see if Marcotti is in…because I can’t tolerate him at all.


Can never tell the difference between the two on ramble that aren’t Marcus or Pete. Just two very generic southerners


This week’s made up game sent in by erstwhile DiSer bamos


I missed this! I’m guessing it was the attendance one?


was it actually him? i heard the name and thought of him!


How bad’s the Independent podcast? Is it Maylon and Delaney? Fuck me.

The BBC World Cup Daily pods with Chappers have been great, bar the most recent one with Sutton and Butcher which was a bit like an old episide of They Think It’s All Over.


Ronay sounded high on the daily Guardian effort. “You get over to Russia and, discover it’s a country”


No way I’m gonna be able to keep up with more than one if they insist on being so long. Haven’t minded the biweekly ones hitting an hour, but daily World Cup pods should be 25 minutes max. Hopefully yesterdays were a bit longer due to extra talking points over the last few days


Which World Cup podcast are you guys enjoying the most?

Throughout the regular season…I whittled my choices down to the ramble and OTC only…but rapidly going off the former due to them going a bit Robot Wars on VAR. So fancy a change.


World Cup podcast thoughts?

Struggling to listen to anything more than the guardian at the moment, ramble seems to come out too late so is irrelevant by the time you stream it.

Coincidentally Glendenning seems to have had a few too many and is currently unloading the beeves on twitter…


Prefer the TFS to the guardian for world cups & big champions league weeks, reckon the guardian is better for the bread and butter premier league stuff


Guardian for me, but try to listen to the Ramble too as their enthusiasm is great (don’t listen to it at all during the regular season on account of 3/4 of the team being insufferable). If I get time I’ll listen to TFS too but I’m a bit footballed out by that point.

I’m also working my way through The Lob’s World Cup series. Can’t remember if it has been mentioned in here yet. In-depth episodes on the previous world cups. The host is terrible but the contributors really know their stuff. I’ve never really gone back and watched much from pre 1998 WCs, so I’m learning a lot about them.