Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


I’ve only been listening to Football Weekly and Totally Football Show. Quite like the shorter, bit less formal style of the former.

I’ve started going to sleep to them. Enjoying it, tbh. There’s something really relaxing about listening to radio on low when you’re not pottering about and using your other senses. The old Quickly Kevin episodes are especially good for nightime listening. Tried the Iain Dowie one last night and kept nodding off.


I’m missing quite a lot of podcasts atm…realising they’re a lot less interesting when you’ve seen most of the games they’re talking about


Also it’s sort of sweet but am a bit bored of how fanboyish they’re all being over England, Jimbo’s better at keeping that stuff grounded i think


Liked how the Nigeria pundit went on both pods and told the same gag.


Fucking hell, the James Montague interview on this morning’s FW went on for at least six hours.

Love his books, mind.


I thought it was dead interesting! Horses for courses I guess.

Listening to both FW and TFS at the moment, but that’s just in a state of WORLD CUP! enthusiasm. No way I could justify listening to both twice a week throughout the season. Do like that they’ve both carved out firm niches now though, FW with the more irreverent take and TFS the detailed, knowledgeable, nerdy one. Think the interchangeability of almost all of TFS’ guests counts against them, and the constant adverts would be infuriating if you couldn’t skip them!


FW v TFS spat in this thread. Oooooooft.


Barry’s turned even more insufferable recently. At least it used to be funny.


They’re both quite smarmy, imho.


I have to fast forward every time Barry speaks. despite being blessed with a wonderful accent, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone take so long to say so little. Absolute bore.

However, I am interested to hear more about Cox’s book. Have any former coaches had a go at him over it?


Yeah he often actually says absolutely nothing. I was being precious but I couldn’t take him on the one after the Croatia game, he just pissed me off


Also can’t stand it when he so frequently says ‘I don’t know/I don’t care’ when asked his opinion. That’s literally your job.


Didn’t realise Cox had his colours firmly pinned to the TF mast, tbh.

Totally and OTC have been my only survivors this WC. FW has just denegrated to Max vs Barry pettiness and all the “easeh” bollocks on the ramble is just…eugh


His arguments on Twitter generally involve him saying "what about this…’, others replying ‘ah, but what about this…’, him saying ‘ah, but that’s mere whataboutery!’ and riding off into the sunset on his unicorn. Frustrating as fuck.


Nah, Football Weekly’s been genuienly brilliant over the World Cup. Rushden’s brilliant.

TFS definitely suffers from too much Michael Cox. There’s a few regulars like him, Jack Lang, Guryanov, the Mundial guy and the angry cockney fella who i find pretty boring now.


I used to be a big fan of Rushden…still am, sometimes, but I like him best when he’s less invested. The scenario usually dictates whether I prefer him or Richardson. Got regular pundits on both sides that I like and dislike.


Ramble hassnt been great this WC, I think mainly because Marcus always gets over excited about England and it becomes a hard listen.

I’ve really enjoyed FW this world cup, Max Rushen has played a blinder and the miserable clever clever guests have largely been absent. Too much Barry tho.


Listened to one TFS and it sounded tired.


When I said that, I was largely referring to the ramble


Can anyone recomment some good non-Prem football podcasts?

Ideally looking for ones of a decent quality (lots of the English language pods about major leagues just sound like two mates talking over eachother in a biscuit tin).

Nothing with Ken Early, please.

So far i’ve got…

On the Continent
World Football Phone-In
World Football Podcast
Totally Football League Show
Spanish Football Podcast
Off the Ball
Totally Scottish Football Show (new)
Elis James’ Feast of Football

There must be decent podcasts out there about, say, the Bundesliga, the Eredivisie, Ligue 1, Portugal, the Football League, non-leagues, etc…?