Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Weird how many football journalists seem really pissy and thin skinned


Set Piece Menu is good. English based and touches on PL stuff more than foreign leagues, but more discussions of themes and ideas than a weekly look at whatever fixtures


Only just seen this. Reaffirmed my complete conviction that Glendenning is a stupid cunt.


Strongly recommend this week’s Football Weekly Extra, even if you don’t like Max and/or Barry. They’ve got Mike Calvin on and he’s bloody wonderful.


still always tune into the ones with Wilson on anyway
will probably end up buying both their books


I was shocked. One of the most engaging football interviews i’ve heard. Always had him down as a bit of a Sunday Supplement-style hack. Bought a couple of his books and couldn’t see what the fuss was about, but this State of Play sounds brilliant. Came here to post exactly what you have.

There’s a really lovely feature by James Montague on Nemanja Matič on this as well -


Yeah it was exceptional. Wasn’t expecting something so arresting while doing my LIDL shop.


Really enjoyed Us legend Marcus bean on football weekly, says ‘excetera’ too much though


Anyone else find the Michael Owen snippet before On The Continent/Football Ramble really funny? Both in content, and delivery.


Really weird human-being, ain’t he?


Not convinced.