Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Marcus - host, doesn’t have one team but a soft spot for many teams (plus Sven), easily over-excited, Christian

Pete - Newcastle supporter from Hartlepool. Most obviously left wing/liberal. Has some decent footballing opinions…but most of his role is dedicated to him being incompetent/deviant.


Anyone going with that peter crouch podcast? It would be easy to get annoyed by but I’ve tried to just ignore that and have actually enjoyed it a bit. Not sure it has legs tho, latest episode wore thin.


If there’s one thing crouchy has in abundance, it’s legs


Like Crouch a lot. Think he comes across really well, smart lad, quite self-depricating, etc, etc. Struggle a bit with the hosts, though.


Hayley McQueen’s good, eh.


Melissa Rudd was really good as guest host on fw on Monday. More of her as host/guest please. Would be good to do a couple of episodes binning off Wilson and glendenning and having rudd, Lawrence, oatley and ramesh in


Julien Laurens, Carl Anka and Duncan Alexander on one pod, ffs. Had to turn it off. Annoying matter-of-fact smugness.


Yeah agree with that, in isolation they’re all ok (maybe not Laurens…if you need french input it should always be Philippe Auclair) but all together the tone of the show was very “well, obviously!”

Having said that…really struggling with FW’s persistence with Glendenning now. Making him regular was a mistake…I used to kind of enjoy him, but it’s a big risk to put someone who never sounds arsed on every episode, it just wears thin. Plus getting him to read out results is just completely pointless.

For that reason, I’m more likely to download TF these days…though hopefully with a better panel than yesterday.


Also…anybody have an idea why Iain Mackintosh has pretty much disappeared?


Assumed the tfs would be shilling an American show before long when they started shoehorning MLS chat into the regular one


Cracks me up how a couple of the lads on the TFS are trying to outdo eachother with properly anal pronounciations of player names.


More vindication than a vineyard in a place called Cation


This new Danny Baker and Gary Lineker one’s quite enjoyable. Just the two of them answering silly and vaguely football-related listener questions. Might not be your thing if you’re not a Baker fan, like…


who doesn’t like danny baker? absolute wronguns is who.


Darren Fletcher (former player, not the commentator) has beeen doing bits for the BBC’s daily podcast and he’s properly decent.

Find that pod a bit hit and miss otherwise. Tend to turn off if Savage, Sutton or Butcher are on.


Quite like Ronay’s articles but he’s pretty tedious on football weekly isn’t he.


He’s occasionally decent value if he’s enthused by something or manages to pick a fight with someone. He’s a moody little cunt.


You listened to today’s one? Gets on his weird soapbox about how we should never discuss refereeing decisions and is generally just incredibly chippy towards Wilson.


He was a proper bitch on this one, wasn’t he? Right from the off with the standard breakfast question.

He did the same thing with Amy Lawrence on FW once so bad that she stopped talking to him. It can be funny if you’re in the right mood, but it’s incredibly unnecessary.


I think folk are misreading the needle between Ronay and Wilson, tbh. People taking the piss out of Wilson’s extremely funny.

Also, i’ve started to realise recently how incredibly shit Pat Nevin is as a pundit. Used to think he was one of the better ones, but there was an episode recently, must have been TFS and he repeatedly derailed interesting discussion with self-deprecating, repetitive jokes about his accent and the weather in Scotland.