Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Really funny imo.

Bob Mortimer’s a national treasure, and Andy Dawson is actually alright on it. Had to mute his awfulness on Twitter a long time ago, though.


Mortimer’s an extraordinary comic. Stuff like Barry Homeowner, or the stories of Harry Kane and Eric Dier going to the beach make me howl with laughter. As in properly rolling around on the floor virtually crying.


Tried to listen to a few episodes after it was recommended on here. Every single one was unbearable. I’ve never gotten Mortimer’s humour, possibly because I didn’t grow up with it in Ireland and it just seems horrendously dated now.


know its incredibly petty but i liked him until the split and now i cant stand him either


Ramble: Hate it, hate Luke Moore SO much. Marcus is the only bearable one.
Totally Football: Should be walking it, but sounds as tired as FW did last season. Wish Jimbo wasn’t so sarcy all the time, although I do obviously love his puns.
Mince: Ferociously good.
GFW: Haven’t listened to it other than the first two Jimboless episodes. Don’t want to listen to Barry so won’t listen again.
Quickly, Kevin: Too much laughter. I’ll listen if there’s someone I like on it (Elis James, Le Tiss, Frank Skinner) but bin it off if not.

Haven’t listened to the others, probably won’t. Too many podcasts to listen to, let alone football ones.


It seems like every time Jim speaks, Luke cuts him down so he’s not as vocal as before.


I might go back to Mince, try it again sometime - listened to one the other week where Bob was fucking A* but I found Andy a real tryhard pain in the prick.

Usually listen to at least one episode of Football Weekly & Totally Football per week. I much prefer Jimbo over Max, and having Barry as an apparent part of the furniture now isn’t great. Which I prefer on a given day though is largely down to who’s on the panel.

It is great being able to listen to people that actually educate you about football - how much better would live football coverage be if you had people like Amy Lawrence, Jonathan Wilson, Andy Brassell etc as pundits instead of the boring as fuck ex-pros (except Pat Nevin).


Really? He’s a good egg, imo


The TV is Irish and whenever I queue up a shooting stars clip to her she gets almost physically angry like it’s the most offensive thing I’ve ever said or done.


He really grates when you realise he’s in it because they have to let him because he’s the one who brought the ball along. His contributions are sub keown level banal toss


I mean it’s not the most amazing humour…but I find myself tittering out loud on numerous occasions.

I get your point about On the Continent…but Brassell gets the opportunity to go into more depth on the European Football Show…so I just stick to that.


He’s just far too earnestly cheery…to the point where it doesn’t seem genuine at all. Obviously I don’t know the backstory…but being the brains behind the podcast split just back this idea up, frankly.

His football league show is decent though, if I allow myself to forget it’s him presenting


Top 5 podcast contributors/presenters?

  1. Sid Lowe
  2. Luke Moore (sorry, @Jook)
  3. Kelly Cates
  4. Raphael Honigstein
  5. Barney Ronay


Recently, I feel like Jim has featured a bit more because there’s only been three of them (Pete was missing). I don’t think anyone in particular cuts him down…he’s just a bit quieter/politer. However…when he does speak he’s alright…but doesn’t have much knowledge beyond Arsenal.


I feel the same way. It’s insultingly bad. I’ve never hated a show as bad, bar ‘The Office’.


It was great when they had Paul Doyle on FW a few weeks back - a quietly droll Irishman straightman. He out-Barried Barry.


Maybe you just don’t enjoy laughing?


Starting to think that On The Continent might be the pick of the bunch.

This episode from a couple of weeks ago is excellent -


Lawro is on the new Quickly Kevin and it’s good

he uses the word minging twice


I think the main reason I dislike it is because I’ve usually heard the totally football show, football weekly and the ramble by wednesday…so they don’t cover anything new. They should be able to though…because the european football show on a friday always does.