Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread

Absolutely love Vish, his Twitter on the cricket is great as well as his guests on the grade cricketer pod (ramble for cricket but really funny). Suits the schtick of the ramble perfectly

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Would love to see Lars gone completely from FW. An absolute pointless waste of air time.

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dont want to hear about marcus’ pubic vegetation again


On today’s episode the ad after that was two ladies talking about their fannies. Gruesome two minutes to listen to when you’re trying to make dinner.

Not having that anyone needs to spend £14.99 to trim their pubes.

Just use the big orange scissors out of the kitchen drawer and give them the once over with an antibac wipe.


Every podcast I listen to is hawking these this week

Probably gonna give em a try

The Athletic podcasts have been at it for a while. Hearing Chapman slinging them is genuinely unsettling.

Does anyone else listen to Set Piece Menu?

It isn’t bad and it kills an hour in a morning but, everytime they talk about lower league teams they start by getting the point and then due to what I suspect is the people on it not being lower league fans missing it completely. Genuinely annoying and fascinating at the same time.

So chuffed for Marcus that he finally got to interview Sven. The excitement in his little voice.

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Could hear his grin getting bigger every time Sven dropped a ‘wellllll’.

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Was well pleased to hear our Katie Whyatt turning up on TFS a few times recently, and she’s off to The Athletic

Like the new ramble voices but yesterday’s episode sounded like a wacky commercial radio breakfast/drivetime show.

Pete in a 3 is too much Pete.

What was up with the Ramble ep the other week which started with 2/3 minutes of fairly nasty audio message ‘reviews’?

Was starting to enjoy the new Ramble now they’d binned off the European and interview stuff to another channel, then Pete happened so it’s gone for good.

Think it was meant as a joke that went on too long and clearly came from a place of actual bitterness.