Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread

Now having started to listen to Second Captains, I feel one important details was missed out of precious recommendations

they do talk about roy keane a lot

The City Athletic one is terrible. The last one had about 5 minutes of Sam Lee moaning about Fulham hosting press conferences on something other than Zoom.

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I didn’t know the athletic did club specific ones. Yeah that’s sounds awful and it’s not like there’s a lack of things to discuss about city atm

Yeah, I only occasionally listen when there might be some insider knowledge but it was just a load of going round the houses on Sterling with no insight.

Jack Pitt-Brooke does the Spurs one so that might be better?

Yeah he’s usually decent, cheers for the heads up

Bump for whoever said this was locked

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CW: unlistenable

Jamie Jackson (thing that’s his name) is back on football weekly today. It’s utterly utterly unlistenable. The man can’t speak - and when he does manage to get half a sentence out it’s utter guff. Takes a lot to make Barry’s hot takes the very most sensible made on a podcast.

Update: ramble has a much much better take of yesterday’s events than weekly.

It genuinely annoys me every time I remember he’s a fully syndicated sports journalist (and his specific beat covers my team). He’s genuinely thick. Can’t write, can’t talk.

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The last time he was on was to promote his book wasn’t it. Think they spent more time laughing at his book deal than talking about the actual content.

For me in some respects he’s worse than Custis since, probably the time the Glazers took over onwards, I don’t think he has ever bagged any big news just constant United are a shambles pieces least Custis got some news once in a blue moon even if it is for The S*n.

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Well, today…

The most recent reading of Steve Bruce’s novels on QK had me actually laugh out loud

Genuinely couldn’t believe how bad he was last time he was on. Wilson patronisingly swatting aside his Proper Football Man take on Bielsa was very funny.


Just started listening. He’s going on the Jenas, Shearer, Souness list. Carruthers is going on this list and all which is annoying cause she’s alright.

Also it was called “The Super League” it was not the “European Super League”. Very much stop getting Bond wrong.

on the continent interview with tyldesley is quite good

he lost his virginity in a bivouac apparently

also talks about how obsessed martin o neill is with true crime, apparently he attended the peter sutcliffe trial w his pregnant wife when he played for norwich