Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


You should give it more of a go. The main subjects of this episode are, from memory, the Istanbul derby, illegal ticketing at Juventus, Real Betis. They do talk about PSG a bit too much, mind.


This kind of thing is my general problem…but I will keep listening and if it as good as you say, I’m sure I’ll change my mind.


Johnathan Wilson seems to be hawking his books a lot at the moment - but are they any good? quite tempted by either the iron curtain or the argentina one but would anyone recommend??

as an aside the man himself has been like a different person on FW this season with the new cast, or is it without the old cast? much less dour and actually quite funny


Behind The Curtain is a lovely piece of work, yes. Would highly recommend that.

Also, Inverting the Pyramid is hugely interesting if you’re into the detail and evolution of football tactics.

I want to read the Argentina one as I’m sure it’d be really good as well.



Behind the Curtain’s really, really charming, and because the chapters are completely different stories it’s an easy read.

Inverting the Pyramid’s a bit too heavy, dare i say boring. I liked it a lot, but found myself skip-reading parts of it. It’s over-detailed, i’d say.

Keep meaning to get The Outsider, and Angels With Dirty Faces.


I can’t remember if I’ve read The Outsider - if I have, it made little impact on me. But yeah, I can’t imagine Angels with Dirty Faces being anything other than a real treat.


Speller is by some distance the least bearable of the lot.


he’s definitely the Richard Hammond to the Luke Moore Clarkson (James May = Jim, obvs.)

that makes Pete the Stig, but that doesn’t work, so close yet so far.


This episode’s excellent. Tom Markham’s really good, Horncastle’s obviously always brilliant, and Jimbo’s in great form. Doesn’t even suffer that much due to Laurens’ cheeky chappy/young Lawro schtik.


Listening to this week’s OTC, I’ve decided that my OTHER issue with it is the structure. Too often they revert to either Luke or Marcus asking one of Andy or James a question…who then spend a few minutes explaining something that you can find yourself if you Google it. I find it makes for a stilted show…whereas things like the ramble are more fluid.

I’ve tried, but it’s not for me Clive


Although this week has Jonathan Wilson in place of Brassell…so might be worth a try.


Hope FW keeps bringing in the female Dutch correspondent. Responded to Rushden saying that on paper West Ham look good with “Maybe if you’re playing Football Manager in 2011”, fantastic.


enjoyed her extensive recap of De Klassieker


Never been a huge fan of Philippe Auclair butbhe waa fucking spot on about Koop this week on FW.


Priya Ramesh? Yeah thought she was really good, too


Followed her on Twitter straight afterwards. Very much enjoyed her contributions.


Enjoyed the Totally Football League Show this week (I listened to most of the other major ones…and they are enjoyable enough at the time…but I’m finding that they’re all blending into one in my memory. I should make an active choice to give a few up, I guess). They featured Ivor Heller, so it was an interesting focus on AFC Wimbledon…though he did ruin it a bit by moaning about “english jobs for english coaches” a bit.


Elis James is absolutely brilliant.

This week’s FW and the QK, WES? episode he’s on are superb.


I want to be best friends with him.


Sachin Nakrani - too chirpy for me.