Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Big fan of Glendenning. Flipping hilarious on TS.




hope macintosh doesn’t manage to slide his way into this one


Half of me thinks…oh god not another, the spin offs are getting out of control now…plus if it’s anything like On the Continent it’ll be a complete disaster (I’ve voiced my opinions on that before, don’t @ me). But then…an in depth Serie A show would interest me…especially since the only other competition (Forza Italian Football) is pretty awful.

@shrewbie Mackintosh won’t be in this one…never hides his disdain for foreign leagues (I will say he is half-decent on the League show, which i quite enjoy) plus every time he appears on the main podcast it smacks of “didn’t manage to bring in another guest”.

Just please no more Horncastle…I like the bloke and he’s decent…but he and Brassell are just everwhere these days. When decent pundits become over-exposed they lose their sheen…currently I rate Philippe Auclair, Raphael Honigstein, Priya Ramesh and Sid Lowe better because they are more elusive (actually I get quite a bit of Sid but he’s great).


Enjoyed him getting repeatedly shown up by Barney Ronay…who’s turning into something of a regular for them now (always a good thing).


We’re well into the season…and I’m wondering how everyone else is assessing the big split now? Still think FW is on top…initially Rushden struggled but I think he has grown into it…quite like his no nonsense “and thats in today’s Football Weekly” intros.

The difference in pundits is pretty stark though…here’s my good/bad lists


David Preece
Michael Cox

The rolling list of “novelty” pundits who turn up for a single episode. A bunch of comedians (got in trouble for calling one robotic on twitter), directors and internet journalists who I can’t really remember.
Julian Laurens
Iain Mackintosh


Barry Glendenning
Elis James
Priya ramesh
Sid Lowe
Jonathan Wilson
Barney Ronay
Philippe Auclair
…plus more

Paul macInnes
,that’s it really

Just a note…wasn’t too sure about Elis James’ debut…but the recent episode with him, Glendenning and Paul MacInnes )probably the weak link) was top notch. Love the way he rolls the “r” in RRRRRRaheem Sterling


Would be perfectly happy listening to Elis, Priya and Barney talk about whatever tbh. Just good people.


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but Horncastle’s quite clearly the most knowledgable guest on any of these podcasts that it’s not really up for discussion. Brassell’s the next best, which is why OTC’s so good if you, y’know, want to learn stuff.

Are you even enjoying them any more at all? Seem to be taking a couple of hours of radio quite seriously.


FW won the FSF podcast of the year award. Barry picked up the trophy…presented by AC Jimbo. Lolz


The primary thing about Horncastle/Brassell is how many podcasts they appear on. Usually, at least one of them repeats themselves during the week. Secondly…knowledge alone doesn’t make for great pundits. The most interesting ones are those with a more “individualistic” take…like Barney Ronay, Sid Lowe and Philippe Auclair. If you want knowledge, just load up a few articles…

Enjoying something/taking it semi-seriously aren’t mutually exclusive things. Find your tone a bit patronising tbh


liste to his show with John Robins, it’s dead good


Mina Rzouki is still the best presenter


Nick Ames is a right curmudgeon.


Is Dr Tom on regularly?


Someone with his voice needs to be saying something really special to justify his inclusion. He doesn’t.


He’s excellent.

Been on TFS a couple of times lately.


Everything he says has a slightly argumentative tone to it. There was an episode a couple of months back where him and another pundit seemed pretty hostile to eachother’s opinions. Barry has to go babyface whenever Ames is on, which is a bit shite.


Top bloke, he’s our business development manager (whatever that means) and has some great anecdotes. Great schmoozer at fancy events as well.


Vaguely related, the Quickly, Kevin episode with Miles Jacobson’s one of the greatest hours of recorded chat i’ve ever heard.


Will seek it out :+1: