Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread

I’d be tempted to give Ingle a pass for this one as he’s been one of the most consistantly outspoken critics of unethical stuff in football for quite a few years.

He writes some really bad stuff about trans athletes

Oh, does he? Definitely didn’t know that. Only seen his stuff about football and boxing.

I don’t necessarily think he’s a ‘phobe or a terf, but he is so careful to both-sides everything that he ends up with a load of support from terfy groups, which can’t be a good thing.

There’s such a short window between the podcasts going out each night and the next day’s football starting that I’m going to sack them all off apart from Second Captains.

Dunno why I bother keeping up with most of the big ones anyway. Weird stupid habit/completist attitude where I’m not actually sure how much I’m actually enjoying them, if at all. Usually something to pass the time I guess.


Exactly the same here. I’m sure I’ll be a bit more desperate to listen to stuff once there are only two kick off times a day but for now it’s all too much and immediately out of date.

I have a 45-60 minute commute atm so I tend to get through loads of them.

Of the general football ones

Second Captains > Stadio > Football Weekly > Totally Football > Football Ramble

Also listen to 3 (three!) Man Utd ones pretty religiously despite them all saying similar things week by week.

Should listen to more music really.

Wilson talking about Brazilian chicken goalkeeping. DiSer confirmed.

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Barry calling him ‘loowandowski’ to rhyme with the big lebowski is driving me mad

There’s not knowing how to pronounce a foreign name and then there’s just deliberate mis-naming people. Because….


Cut him a bit of slack, it’s not like it’s a very established player whose name he’ll have heard thousands of times over the past decade


Oh good Jordan Jarrett-Bryan :neutral_face: