Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread

Finally got round to listening to it. Used to subscribe but binned it off a while back - think I had John overload with that and the show with Ellis each week. But yeah, great episode. Barry seems a good egg.

Playing two most recent FW, my word I just zone out with Wilson and Nedum.

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I can finally say that I’ve kicked someone during a game of footy after mistiming a tackle, who’s also appeared on Football Weekly (I know Marva a bit who was on yesterday talking about Everton, had a proper WTF moment when she was introduced. She’s great.)

Ellis is on Cliches with Matt Lucas

Absolutely true about Arsenal fans and the media



Tbf he wasn’t that bad.

Auclair is being a fucking idiot on twitter

nice bit of holocaust denial for a friday night

FFS, thought he’d have more brains than that.

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Honestly, if you think Brits in general are racist fuckwits, we got nothing on the French

Keys has spoilt the best bit about this week’s blog in the title. But let’s face they are on instagram.