Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


FW was negative jaded shite this week.

Jacqui Oatley stood in for max and did fine, but the rest of them…jeeez.

One highlight was them talking about how Arsenal should have kicked the ball in areas of the net that DDG couldn’t get to.


don’t like this paddy power section on tfs. fair enough it’s right at the end so you know you can stop listening but still, could do without the football gambling industrial complex insidiously creeping into the podcasts


Been happening on the ramble for a while…so I guess I’m desensitised to it. Hateful stuff though


Jacob Steinberg used to be like that…but they’ve turned his dourness into a joke now so it’s less obvious


Yeah it was pretty “phoned in”.

Elis is back on Thursday though, so don’t fret


The aloof, clever clogs podcasts have some weeks where the guests genuinely sound like they don’t seem to take any actual joy from watching football - instead tying themselves in knots trying to out ive-seen-it-all-before each other, point out how everything is a trope upon a trope upon a trope, or flog a boring book.

I stick with them because theres usually good nuggets of insight most episodes. People like Sid Lowe sound like they like their job.

The ramble and quickly leaving very much appreciated to offset the dourness.


Bit of edge between Richardson and Rafa this week on the TFS.

Quite enjoyed it.


honigstein fucking loves klopp doesn’t he?


Jacked in Football Weekly in the last couple of weeks. I know Rushden has been away recently but he doesn’t do it for me at all as a host.

Also not sure Football Weekly benefits from Barry being on every episode. Sure that wasn’t the case in the past?

Although TFS does depend strongly on who they have on it, I do enjoy Horncastle, Cox & Honigstein enormously.


This was the first one I listened to for ages. Enjoyed Jacqui as a host. Think I’ve gone off Richardson a bit


I thought he came across a bit full of himself.

The Lawro one was great


Daniel Harris is proper shite


I remember years ago on football weekly him going on some massive diatribe because walcott celebrated a goal, only to be thoroughly dismissed by barney ronay. thought that was the end of him so a bit disappointed he’s managed to worm his way back in


He’s really intense and also talks utter, utter shite. Get out of my ears, man


It was really funny. Went way ott to defend him.


When asked about having any sympathy for Christian Benteke, Harris said something like, ‘I don’t try to find sympathy for any footballers because it’s not real life’ - what? He also had sly digs at Hodgson for being a nice man and reading books. Poor form.


Definite Toryboy who has very important opinions once he’s had a pint and a line, intee. The bit where he started banging on about how he likes seeing footballers suffer was proper weird.


Kept mumbling over Priya whenever she was talking too. Massive shock that the outspoken red is also a colossal cleft


I have sort of stopped listening to FW and TFS because of this. Every time they have a female guest on they just talk over them relentlessly. It’s so annoying.


Sold a ticket to Grimes to Michael Cox once, before I knew who he was.

Lovely chap, really thankful I sold it at face value.

Great anecdote.