Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Just realised that Daniel Harris is NOT Daniel Taylor, which confused me because the latter seems alright.


Yes, Daniel Taylor is very good. Taylor is a Forest fan I think, but covers Manchester a lot.



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Feel free to make your own


For me, sometimes the late 20s/30-something white male guardian football journalists blend into one


Just do a pick 3 + Max/Barry type thing.

  • Wilson
  • McInnes
  • Ronay
  • Ramesh
  • James
  • Brassell
  • Oatley
  • Sivertsen
  • Auclair
  • Steinberg
  • Bandini
  • Honigstein
  • Bakowski

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Would’ve been Elis James but I’m starting to find him a bit of a “traditional values” apologist.

Also it’s weird we picked the same 3


Can’t decide on Barry because I think he’s great in some ways but bad in others. Being on every week doesn’t really suit him.


Not really. The three most obvious answers.


The obvious ones:

Best Show

  • Totally Football Show
  • Football Weekly
  • Football Ramble
  • Second Captains
  • Some other obscure answer

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Best host

  • James Richardson
  • Max Rushden
  • Marcus Speller

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(Leaving out Ken Early because he’s more of a pundit, really)

Does anybody know what Dave Farrar is up to these days? He used to be a better stand in on FW than Rushden…and I even probably preferred him to Richardson back then, too.


No love for the Magic Sponge here? Bullard is mostly annoying but there’s some great guests on there. The Graham Stack episode is amazing.


does richardson sometimes strike you as the sort of person who is rude to service staff/taxi drivers and etc?

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Was Harris the one who was on about wanting footballers to suffer? Prize bell.


Eoin McDevitt is the name you’re after.


You’ve missed Horncastle off there to bloody spite me, you bastard!


Quite looking forward to there being shows for different leagues. The big three foreign leagues could easily suffice an hour a week. Seems a waste of airtime to me when they get guests to do round-ups. I don’t want to hear a rundown of scores and who’s where in the table, i want a couple of in-depth stories about various clubs…and that’s why On The Continent’s so much better than the others.


The European Football Show is best for it though…if you look past the Europop soundtrack. 2 hours of Andy Brassell going in deep on European football.

For La Liga there’s The Spanish Football Podcast.


I agree with whoever it was that said Brassell’s clearly knowledgeable, but suffers from being on too many podcasts. Going through the motions for the most part.


Good shout.

Quite looking forward to the Italian one. Most interesting league by far.


Fucking hate how Sid Lowe insists on the Spanish pronounciations of player names. Too try-hard for me.


Any excuse