Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


Worst FW episode to date. Some weeks they just list stuff that’s happened.

Think Sean Ingle fell asleep midway through the twenty minute #LAD chat about takeaways.


I only listen to the Ramble now, the others are too dry and I don’t like football enough to listen to more than one.

Went to their live show in Newcastle last year and they spent ages chatting to everyone in the bar afterwards. We talked to Jim about how shit Tories are and Marcus gave me a hug after I drunkenly said he was ‘the best one’. He is though.


Love a bit of Spellsy.


He loves Palace does our Marcus


I’ve got time for all four of them…but I do think Marcus is a vastly underrated presenter. He paces thing really well…and always (well, almost) keeps a good balance between sticking to a running order and going a bit off-piste.

Genuinely think he should be getting more work in that area.


He’s not, but I imagine he’s a lovely bloke in person.


Only really listen to the Euro leagues one now


only really listen to my own fucking opinions now




NOT noted


FW Extra features an intern who’s clearly somebody’s son and sounds like he’s constantly stretching. Not a fan.


bit random and probably none of my business but how much bunce you reckon yer average pundit gets paid for being on FW, TTFS etc?


Complete guess - £300-£400?


We talking about podcasts again lads?


Rory Smith’s very good.


Friday’s Ramble’s absolutely vintage. Properly funny.

Quite enjoyed John Brewin on FW. Maybe a bit Maconie for some, but i found him quite entertaining.


Aren’t podcasts just quite shit?


All the podcasts? Even non-football ones?




Bit like saying “all films are shit”