Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


It’s definitely not like that though


more like saying ‘people talking to people is shit’?


Yeah you’ve nailed it. Why the fuck do so many people wanna listen to other people talking to each other. Especially if their voices aren’t even that nice


Because you might find out some things you didn’t know? Or laugh at something? enjoyable background at work/on a commute innit


keeps the darkness at bay though


They’re quite good if you don’t have any friends and need the pretence of human company once in a while. Feel like you’d be on board with them tbh


Well it’s equally subjective…and wrong


#bodied over a disagreement on podcasts, a new low.


Is this some sort of weird banter that’s spilled out of the actual football thread?


Why would you listen to music when you can just sing yourself?


That Dan Wilson (I think) completely derailing FW with absolute nonsense last week.


Jonathan Wilson is usually very good value, but that whole detour was nowhere near as funny as they thought it was.


There were about 3 completely unrelated excursions! Still think FW is slightly better on the whole to TFS.


the ramble email from the ‘Stan’ Trump fan was the first thing to have me properly giggling in public for ages.

worth seeking out for that minute alone


Was that in the most recent one?

I don’t remember it…I often listen while cooking and sometimes miss a few minutes here and there. Will have to go back


The wonderful thing about that was the fact I can barely ever remember them being particularly political. Trump supporters are so sensitive about their big baby boy.


They did refer to Brexit as it was within days of the Iceland defeat…but usually it’s just Pete who makes the odd comment.


Dr Tom Markham a GBOL.


Just saw Ken Early having a smoke :+1:


FW this week’s excellent. Best quality one in some time. Auclair’s in great form. Really warmed to him of late.