Rolling Football Podcast Spin-off thread


That Real PSG chat was :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


gave it a go, still can’t stand glendenning


Quite enjoyed (but didn’t really see any logic in) the argument that gulf state blood money’s fine so long as the club spending it has a clear style of play.


The quality of analysis on this podcast is far more in-depth than any of the other more popular ones. Sound quality’s a bit poor, but…


It’s great that Pat Nevin likes bands and that, but he’s a fucking shite pundit.


Went to FW live last week, it was good :ok_hand:

Max is funnier and sharper than probably he gets the credit for


Got a tidy routine going, atm.

MON: OTC Mailbag, World Football Phone-In
TUES: Football Weekly, Totally Football Show
WEDS: Footy Ramble, Golazzo
THURS: On The Continent, Totally Football Show
FRI: Football Weekly, Footy Ramble

10-0 Big Lad.


Not listening to TFS at all at the moment, am I missing out? Fwiw I like it when jimbo and honigstein fight, but don’t like Macintosh or Julien Laurens at all. Can’t think of anyone on the current FW rota who I don’t get on with at least a bit.


Also big lack of 2nd captains in your planner there but that’s what I have in lieu of TFS.


It’s better than FW because it has a wider range of guests. They’ve binned Macintosh off onto his own show now. Matt Davies, Ian Irving, David Preece, Tom Markham off the top of my head, all good. Football Weekly’s still very good, but it tends to depend on whether they have a standout guest on - Priya Ramesh, etc, or if it’s just The Lads.


Don’t like it. Know i’m in the minority but i find Ken Early an insufferable bore.


Going through my yearly football ennui (maybe it’s forever this time) so the only way I keep up to date is through the ramble. It’s the only one I keep going because I still enjoy the humour sometimes.


This was relatively interesting*

*Yes I am acutely aware of how niche ‘relatively interesting’ can be when referring to football podcast politics.


Wicked rumours!! Top secret!!

Who does Barry ‘blame’ for the TFS stuff in August last year??

And which player did johathan wilson claim that Van Gaal couldn’t even talk about without laughing with dispair at how shite he was?


It’s Macintosh isn’t it


glad that Jonathan Wilson’s on FW more these days, best pundit to listen to along with Ken

been listening to ramble more lately though, pretty good background distraction for the after work commutes where i’m too depressed to listen to music and too tired to read or listen to podcasts that require more attention


Huh. Only just noticed that fishplums produces Football Weekly these days.


New Quickly Kevin starts next week which should be pretty good. Also ‘Top Flight Time Machine’ with Andy Dawson and Sam Delaney going through the Premier League a season per episode. Can’t decide whether this will be fine or laughably awful.


Tried the No1 Podcast out because i think David Preece is an absolute GBoL. It’s good, when Preece rambles on about things he’s properly engaging and refreshing by the standards of older contributors, but it lost me a bit when they started going game-by-game for 'keeper-related stuff, and the sidekick’s a bit of an aquired taste in an Andy Dawson sense.


Could be good…