Rolling foreign TV drama thread

I’m a big fan of the ol’ foreign drama series still. There’s something really nice about zoning out and just reading a few words, y’know. They’re obviously much better on the eye than the British stuff. Maybe the Guardian doesn’t write about them as much now…

Beck, Spiral and Arne Dahl are probably my favourites, but the 4OD/Walter Presents stuff’s pretty great generally, bar a few absolute turkeys.

I’ve been watching this Nit í Dia. A bit samey, arguably - sexually liberal professionally brilliant woman solves murder cases, etc, but the characters are pretty cool.

Which, if any, are you watching?

The following five are all free on 4OD and all very, very good…

Night and Day (Catalan)
Before We Die (Swedish)
Blue Eyes (Swedish)
Norskov (Danish)
The Lens (Czech)