Rolling Formula 1 2018

Merc will dominate imo

final year of live races on terrestrial tv in the uk but many other countries are getting access to an online service at some point this year which is clearly the future

i was planning to write a long rambling preview but i forgot and the first quali of the year is in a few hours

very excited to see the following:

sainz vs hulkenberg
max vs danny ricc
alonso vs stoffel

I read something the other day that said this is Lewis Hamilton’s 12th season. That is definitely a thing that makes me feel old.

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Didn’t hear the qualifiers from. This side of the bay. Was hoping it would be loud enough to hear. No time to go into town tomorrow either. Oh well.

Hamilton’s final lap today was dead good but have a horrible feeling that it’s going to be a total one horse race all season. hopefully it’ll be a lot closer in the actual race :crossed_fingers:

VSC was robbed for driver of the day :-1:

Exciting stuff this morning it seems

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that doesn’t really show that it was boring but it was boring, Ferrari got lucky but having two cars where they did allowed them to split their strategies when Merc couldn’t

looks like it’s gonna be really hard to overtake this year and looks like the Merc in Hamilton’s hands will be able to absolutely storm it in Q3

i just checked, 2017 he was 0.268 seconds ahead of vettel in P2, this year he was 0.664 seconds ahead of Kimi in P2

i mean, Lewis put in an absolute stormer of a lap and Vettel didn’t hook up a perfect lap but… that’s pretty ominous

gap from faster Merc to next non Merc in quali at Aussie GP by year since 2014

2014 0.3s
2015 1.4s
2016 0.8s
2017 0.3s
2018 0.6s

2017 is the only year since the new engines where it’s really felt like another team has a chance and looks like it won’t be changing this year

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Potential humdinger brewing…

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that was good, safety car changed it all again, should probably have been a Red Bull 1-2 in the end if it hadn’t been for Verstappen making a mess of it, and shame that Hamilton closed the gap at the top despite doing nothing of note all weekend, but good fun nonetheless. Ricciardo’s going to be pretty handy when he goes to Ferrari or Mercedes next year…

consider my hums dinged

that was pretty entertaining

Hamilton winning :-1:
Perez getting a podium and somehow serving penalties behind the safety car being allowed now :-1:
Leclerc coming 6th :+1:
Hartley getting a point :+1:
Verstappen being a dickhead as per usual :-1:
Grosjean :laughing:

Why don’t you like Hamilton?

I am also loving Leclerc showing how good he is after seemingly struggling to adapt in the first two races, desperately hoping he goes to Ferrari next year and completely floors Vettel

I took against Hamilton largely because of ITV and Sky, but also much like Vettel, he doesn’t seem to be growing up.

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what colin said basically, plus bored of him and Mercedes so want pretty much anyone to win but him/them

and yeah, good to see Leclerc coming good - looked ace in F2 last year and as much as I like Kimi it seems like such a waste of a seat at the moment, seems fast all weekend until Q3 then loses out to Vettel, and then underwhelms in the race.

wouldn’t mind Ricciardo going there, think he should leave Red Bull this season. either way, should be Kimi’s last season IMO.

I assume Ricciardo to Ferrari would be blocked by Vettel (not that he’d admit it)

it’s a real shame Ferrari and Merc don’t have two drivers who truly push each other like Red Bull and Force India very much do and Merc did when Nico was still around

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Raikkonen to collide with Hamilton at the end of this one?

Teeing up to be a humdinger

Very pleased for Raikkonen.

I’ve been a defender of Seb in the past (excepting the time he deliberately drove into Hamilton on a safety lap). He’s been properly bottling it on repeated occasions this season, though. Disappointing to see.

Viva Max. How long until he bags a championship?

Very vexxing to see McLaren be so poo.

Caught the last half of this. Was the first F1 I’ve watched in years. Pretty exciting stuff at the end.

How are people feeling about Hamilton? If he a worthy winner?