Rolling FPL Thread (League Code: defioq)

Good season so far, isn’t it? No real shape to it and with a wealth of options to choose from.

Big week next time around with Aguero back. Fitting him back into the side means getting in some real filth or ditching Ibra. What are you lot thinking?

Also, does anyone have a clue who 1/2 of the DiS League are? Seems to get harder every year to get up that table…

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I am doing badly. Forgot to even make a wild guess transfer this week, tbf.

A weak start to the season and a poor choice of wildcard changes this week. Bah.

And if I bring Aguero back in for Ibrahimovic, that will be THE WRONG DECISION.


THis week has been awful in terms of highlighting poor decisions from me

  • kept Lovren on the bench, he scored
  • I made de Bruyne my vice captain instead of captain (Hazard)
  • a couple of weeks ago I swapped Rondon (goal, assist) for Negredo
  • at the start I took out Iheanacho (thinking he would only play from the bench) for Andre Grey (thinking he’d score like 15 a season)

sick of it

I’ve played the wrong keeper and had more points on my bench than in my first eleven for three weeks. Keeping faith in KDB and bringing in Lukaku has helped out this past fortnight.

At least its interesting. Hard to know who to get in right now…

Generally done better than I usually do so far this season - used my wild card well, on the first page of the DiS league for once - but this was an absolute shambles of a week.

  • The first game of the season City get a clean sheet is not only the first game that Stones doesn’t start, but of course he comes off the fucking bench for the second half. Cheers Pep
  • Thanti Cathorla participates in a 4-1 drubbing in which he doesn’t even get an assist
  • Two Chelsea players, no Liverpool players
  • Adrian in goal and nothing from the usually reliable McAuley

Need Wham’s goalie out asap and probably Grey as well, whose form has dropped off a cliff since that helpful twitter expose a few weeks ago.

my team’s called silviu lung jr.
think im doing ok, did better last season though. my captain this week is Christian Benteke

Mixed week, made wildcard transfers but forgot to sort out my bench/captain, but Ian Nacho was captain so b d

My team is called Mané Got A Raw Deal. Bit try-hard tbh…

why are people playing their wildcards so early? or is this a good tactic?


I played my first last year in Week Two as it was painfully obvious that 5 of my team weren’t starting regularly. I’ve held off this year to date but was tempted to play it this week as I have 3 issues to deal with.

Generally people play them over International breaks so you get price rises and can sort out injuries. Hence why I’ve kept mine so far.

My first year back playing it in a long time. My team is Duran Duran Duran FC in the DiS league.

Having Ibrahimovic as captain paid off for a while but not today. Was sure he’d score at least one against Watford.

obv I’ve been too slow to pick up capoue. think I’m gonna play my wildcard when aguero comes back

I’ve had him since day one. First day today I’ll get his points though. And even that is only because Firmino didn’t play. Presumed it was a fluke…

I had an amazing first two weeks and found myself in the top 5,000, only to then have the worst week I’ve ever had last week which sent me tumbling out of the top 100,000.

Bit better this week, but have been very fortunate that Zlatan got his assist today. Really need Kane to blank later on- the leader of my work league has him captained and he’s already 30pts clear.

Wildcard is active this week, had way too much United but no City or Liverpool so it needed to happen.

other than super kev getting me a whopping 28 points, I’ve had another absolute stinker.

praying on a Kane brace…at least

Kane. Prick.

I started to make decisions based on the flip of a coin. 3 decisions;

  1. Should I transfer Mané out for Sterling. Coin sez yes.
  2. Should I make Sterling captain or keep it Costa. Coin sez Sterling.
  3. Should I sub Ivanovic for Barry. Coin sez yes.
    Next week it’s the Imbramovic or Aguero question, didn’t have enough ££ this week.
    Exciting times.

played my wildcard and brought back aguero.
weirdly my entire team are away from home this week and ive ended up with 3 west brom players

Mkhitaryan and Hernandez OUT.

Antonio and Lukaku IN.